High Fashion Hair Texture: Runway-Inspired Styles

Texture so bold, it's high fashion.

As New York Fashion Week comes to an end, we have been blown away by all of the beautiful styles and new trends we’ve seen. After reflecting on all of the styles we came across, one of our favorite shows and the best hairstyles we saw were none other than those created by Unilever Hair Expert Ursula Stephen, at the Studio 189 show. This show brought high fashion to every style and embraced all different types of texture. These different styles have us inspired to create a fun texture on our hair and then amplify it for a high fashion hair texture finish. Check out some of our fave looks from the show for some major inspo:

high fashion hair texture bangs
Sleek bangs with extra shine are sure to make a statement. Photo credit: Mike Coppola

1. Sleek Bangs

We are loving how dramatic a shiny, straight look is paired with bangs. If you’ve got bold bangs, go for a straight style that achieves a high shine. Using TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray helps defend your hair from breakage and gives hair that extra glossy finish.

high fashion hair texture slicked
Why not experiment with a slick finish? Photo credit: Mike Coppola

2. Slicked-Back

Slicked back hair has been trending this season and we are here for it.
Although this high fashion hair texture can be intimidating, it’s actually really easy to create. Only use as much hair product as you feel comfortable. This style is great for keeping hair out of your face and you can still wear it down.

high fashion hair texture
Keep your hair hydrated and happy before adding your volume! Photo credit: Monica Schipper

3. Mini-Buns

Get creative and add some fun mini buns at the top of your style. Whatever type of half updo you create, the real showstopper of the style is the volume you can create with the rest of your hair. Before creating volume in your style, it’s important to keep your curls moisturized and hydrated. Add a few spritzes of TRESemmé Moisture Rich Nourishing Detangling Spray to add hydration and lots of shine.

high fashion hair texture
Volume is the key to this style. Photo credit: Monica Schipper

4. Faux-Hawk ‘Fro

Fake it till you make it! Use your natural curls to create a beautiful faux ‘fro. This style does take lots of bobby pins and patience, but then the end result is so fab. If this looks too overwhelming for you, why not use some small, clear elastics to gather your hair and create your faux-hawk that way? Whatever you decide, make sure you’ve got a hairspray in your arsenal. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Extend Hold Level 4 is perfect for smoothing out your hair at the root and creating hold in the direction you want your faux-hawk.

high fashion hair texture
This style is super fierce. Photo credit: Monica Schipper

5. Cornrows/Braids

Whether you’re going for cornrows or just some braids, we are loving these varying sizes! Depending on how much time you have to create this look will dictate how many braids you should create for your look. If you have time or a stylist helping you, we highly recommend going for this edgy cornrow look. If you’re on your own for this one, you might want to consider going for a thicker braid style—perhaps create 2 to 4 larger Dutch or French braids for a similar effect.