Take Your Hair from Day to Night: Summer Edition

We know your summer schedule is fully booked, so we'll take the "but what do I do with my hair??" out of the equation

Now that Summer is here, it’s only natural that you want to be outside and taking advantage of the great weather as much as possible. Summertime is also packed with plans, day to night, with little prep time to be left in between. We’ve got the perfect hairstyles that are summery, quick and an easy choice in the morning when you’re rushing off to work or to meet the gals for brunch. We also know your dinner date is probably right after happy hour with the work team or that you lost track of time reading in the park, so we’ve also got quick options for you to transition to so you’re not late and still look like a million bucks. These daytime looks are easy and turning them into an elevated night look is easy too:

day to night beachy waves
Beachy waves is the ultimate summer hairstyle.

Beachy Waves

This is the classic summer hairstyle, and rightfully so! This is the perfect Summer day to night style to start with because waves are a great foundation for many looks. The easiest way to achieve this style is by going to sleep with slightly damp braids. How many braids you create is up to you, remember, the smaller and tighter the braids the tighter the waves will be in the morning. Once you take the braids out, you can use a curler to quickly enhance any curls and add more body, or you can go in right away with Bed Head by TIGI Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist for defined waves that stay well into the night.

Ed’s tip: Feel free to accessorize with a cool hat or bandana!

day to night air dry
There’s nothing easier than letting your hair air dry!

Leave it Damp

All right, hear us out on this one! If you’re a morning shower person and need a quick style before work or weekend activities, then keeping the wet look is your best bet on saving time and also preparing for a nighttime style. Use Catwalk by TIGI Strong Hold Mousse to condition your hair and give your strands strong hold and control. This product will keep your hair looking purposefully damp and shiny and give you a nice texture to work with before date night.

day to night braids
Give yourself a French braid crown and couple it with another braid for major summer date night vibes!

Half-Up with Braids

Now that you’ve been wearing your hair with texture and some waves, adding braided embellishments will give this look a flirtier feel. Give yourself a French braid crown to start. This will frame your face and give you a modern princess aesthetic. Once you’ve completed the French braid crown, you now have the choice of adding a few more braids at the side of your face to create a half-up, pulled back look. We recommend adding a braid on both sides and combining all three braids in the back of your head.

day to night chignon bun
Take your braided look and gather it into a chignon bun for added summery elegance.

Braided Chignon

If you want to step up the look and make it a little more “evening-chic”, simply gather the rest of your hair and secure it in a chignon bun. This look is elegant and it gives the effect of being more complicated to create than it actually is. Add S Factor by TIGI Vivacious Hair Spray for added shine and hold.