Get Some Costume Inspo with these Halloween Updos

These updos are spooktacular!

As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s time to come up with all aspects of your costume. Obvi our fave part of the costume is the hairstyle—and we don’t hold back! When it comes to a costume, we believe that it’s important not to forget your hair—if you’re going all out, it’s a great way to add to the look. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite Halloween updos to give some major inspo for the big night. Don’t be afraid to get into it and make your style as dramatic as possible! We’ll also share some must-have products to make sure you achieve the look flawlessly. Read on:

We understand that when it comes to Halloween updos, you probably don’t want it to be overcomplicated. Even though it’s a fun part of the costume, you don’t need it to take the longest to create. Keep your hairstyles simple and rely on the texture to do most of the talking.

If it’s a sleek look you’re going for then make sure you use a gel or hairspray to keep everything smooth and clean. If it’s a messy and chaotic look you’re trying to achieve, then go all out and play up your texture with hairspray and a texturizing spray for ease when teasing and creating volume. Whatever you do, don’t hold back on the product, this is Halloween and everything is dramatized and styled to the fullest! Remember, have fun!

halloween updos messy bun
A messy bun, but make it gothic.

1. Gothic Messy Bun

A messy bun is the perfect style for a gothic costume. Adding texture and chaos to your Halloween updo is crucial to making it scarier. If you want your style to be optimally messy, create a high ponytail and then create the messy bun with bobby pins instead of another elastic. Pull out some front strands to frame your face and add some texture spray. Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Spray is perfect for adding that messy/carefree look without making your strands sticky. Add in a spooky hair clip to finish off the look.

halloween updos ribbon accents
Tie it up with some ribbon.

2. Ribbon Accents

We love how a simple ribbon accessory can take your Halloween updo to the next level by adding a pop of color and some texture.

halloween updos
Give your updo a fun pop of color!

3. Add Some Color

Take your Halloween updo to the next level by adding a semi-permanent hair dye to the mix. Focus a color that matches your costume on some face-framing strands or go crazy with multiple colors for a super creepy and fun look.

halloween updos voluminous braids
We love how dramatic these braids look!

4. Voluminous Braids

These voluminous braids add drama and they serve as the perfect style to add a headdress or other accessories. Achieve extreme volume at the top of the style by teasing your hair and setting it with a hairspray. We highly recommend Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray. Once you’ve teased to your liking, add in your braids!

halloween updos
Create some fun buns!

5. Animal Ear Buns

Using different-sized and shaped buns are perfect for creating the illusion of ears for an animal costume! This will help you save some $ and avoid purchasing or creating an animal ear headband of some sort. To make this look as “believable” as possible, make sure your style is extra sleek by creating your updo with a hair gel. TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel is a cult-classic and perfect for giving you the sleekest look possible. Comb this gel through your strands to give yourself the smoothest and shiniest finish possible. Don’t add any gel to the ends of your hair or it will make the creation of the ear buns a little trickier.

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