the cool hidden rainbow hair color trend

Hidden Rainbow Hair Trend and Exclusive Interview

Rock all of the colors of the rainbow underneath your hair.

By now you’ve probably heard news about the awesome hidden rainbow hair that has taken over Instagram. Signified by rainbow hair that’s placed underneath the hair, this trend is a gorgeous ode to hair experimentation, individualism and color. To learn more about this awesome new hair color trend, we spoke with Carla Rinaldi, the Master Technician and Stylist at Not Another Salon to learn more about the hidden rainbow hair dye craze and how the process works. Read on to discover if this trend is right for you.

Hidden Rainbow Hair Trend

hidden rainbow hair
The hidden rainbow hair trend process from Not Another Salon. Photo credit: @notanothersalon on Instagram

All Things Hair: How did this rainbow hair dye concept come about?

Carla Rinaldi: To be fair, the rainbow hair thing has been on and off for years, but right now it couldn’t be more current and I think that’s why it exploded for us. At Not Another Salon we have a ‘No Judgment Policy,’ so were always trying to work to ways we can help client express themselves while keeping in mind the social and occupational pressures of the standard office.

All Things Hair: How long does this hidden rainbow hair process take?

Carla Rinaldi: The process takes one hour and a half for lightning and then after 20 to 30 minutes for creative colors.

All Things Hair: What hair color works best to dye their hair rainbow colors?

Carla Rinaldi: The best colors are direct dyes if we’re talking technically, but sadly they don’t last long. Aesthetically it’s down to the individual, we’ve worked with very light, white blondes , red-heads to full on pink hair. Again, there’s no judgment here it just about making people feeling comfortable in their skin.

All Things Hair: Why do you think the hidden rainbow hair trend has taken off so quickly?

Carla Rinaldi: Because sadly most people live a world where where they are torn between who they want to be and who they have to be. Not Another Salon is about supporting people to be themselves. Not everyone is lucky enough to work or live in an environment where self expression is accepted, so here’s the loophole!

Check out more color trends from Not Another Salon over on their Instagram page.

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