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5 Hair and Makeup Combos That Slay On All Occasions

In a pinch? These beauty formulas will never let you down.

There’s something to be said about a classic look. Hair and makeup combos that are perfectly put-together, down to the last detail, evoke an impressive attention to detail—and fine, a satisfying OCD-ness—that we definitely can get behind, especially when it comes to pulling off a more complex, directional look.

Below, we list a few of our favorite hair and makeup combos that we think work for all occasions. Check them out and get inspired for your next red-letter night out:

5 Hair and Makeup Combos That Slay

hair and makeup combos beehive and liner
An unironic (yet totally wearable) spin on the go-go era. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Beehive + Graphic Liner

Want a new look? Look no further than mod-inspired style. A baby beehive teamed up with a graphic cat eye is always a feminine look that’s pretty universally flattering. To achieve, create two ponytails—first a half-pony, then incorporate that into a low pony—and do a bit of backcombing at your crown with a fishtail comb. Lightly smooth it back again once you’ve created your bump, then lock all that lift and texture in place with a firm-hold hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra-Hold Hairspray (it’s matte but non-sticky—we love it for high-octane looks). Do your eyes with a slick flick of some liquid liner at the edges. Make sure to completely fill in any negative space.

hair and makeup combos wet look and liner
A strong eye is accentuated by an open brow and forehead area. Photo credit:

2. Slicked-Back + Vampy Eyes

If you’re more for channeling femme fatale vibes without too much effort, the super trendy wet look is right up your alley. Quite easy to recreate—all you need is a brilliant-finish gel, like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel. Simply start with a dime-sized amount of product on your palms and spread evenly throughout hair, concentrating on smoothing back the root area. Finish with a slightly sooty swipe of kohl liner on just your upper lids, or go for a warm metallic wash.

hair and makeup combos reality curls
Big, sexy curls call for come-hither lashes. Photo credit:

3. Big Curls + Fat Lashes

Reality-star curls must come with reality-star eyelashes, non? If you’re ready to go the whole nine yards with your party ~lewk~, then this is the one of the most hard-hitting hair and makeup combos to master. Prime hair with a volumizer like Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam. Rough-dry till 90% dry and then curl sections vertically around a 1 1/2” curling iron. Curl the hairline area away from your face to open up your features and finish your entire look with the most fluttery, feathery pair of mink lashes you can get your mitts on.

hair and makeup combos fishtail pigtails
A grittier texture loosens up the look. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

4. Braids + Natural Brows

Swiss misses, this one’s for you. Braids have a cute, sporty girl-next-door vibe that’s both accessible and trendy—in short, the perfect foil to the natural-brow trend of full, brushed-up arches that we’ve been seeing around as of late. To start, pick your plait of choice (we love the French or the fishtail, because we’re purists like that) and wear it in low pigtails à la NYFW runway. Spritz with some texturizer or salt spray and tug the chains apart for a grittier effect. For the brows, fill your arches in with a pencil two shades darker than your hair color (work in little check marks!), brush brow strands up with a spooley and seal with a coat of brow mascara.

hair and makeup combos 90s bob lipstick
Brown lips offer just the right amount of insouciance. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

5. Bob +’90s Lipstick

One of our favorite hair and makeup combos! If you’re gonna rock a blunt bob, make sure you’ve got the equally ironic lip color that sets it off to its full potential. We love how a totally 1990s brown-based lipstick is just the perfect edgy touch to an otherwise simple, “normcore” hairstyle. Prep hair with a blowdrying lotion to help infuse hair with volume—we like TRESemmé One Step Styler Blow Out Balm — then blow-dry with a round brush to create that coveted ’90s pageboy undercurl. Tie the look together with a swipe of your most raisin-hued of lippies. Blot with a tissue to get that trendy diffused finish.

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