7 Sporty Hairstyle Ideas for The Big Game

Look cute and spunky for the game. 

We are so excited about the big game! And while this sport isn’t about hair, you might want to be figuring a few low key, sporty hairstyle ideas to wear from tailgating to a few parties, or even to the game itself!

These sporty hairstyle ideas will showcase a little style, all while keeping your hair contained and away from the face (much better for cheering and enjoying nachos!).

From braided hairstyles to simple twists, we’ve got you covered for the ultimate sporty hairstyle ideas. Read on and have a blast this weekend!

sporty hairstyle ideas with braids
The more braids the better. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Double Braid

This double braid hairstyle is super easy to create even though it looks pretty complex. Start out by parting your hair down the center and creating a braid on either side, all the way down to your neck. Once you reach your neck combine the braids together to create one braid! You can add a cute ribbon in your team’s colors to add extra flair to this style. Tie it off with a hair tie and you’re good to cheer all day.

sporty hairstyle ideas with buns
Double the buns for double the fun. Photo credit:

2. Space Buns

We love space buns on blogger Emily of Epicurean Emily! Don’t they look so cute and versatile? This easy game day hairstyle gets your hair out of your face as you rock a fun look. Create this style by brushing your hair, then parting your hair down the center. Create two high pigtails, working on one side as you wrap your hair around into a bun. Secure with some bobby pins and repeat the process on the other side.

sporty hairstyle ideas with twists
Get twisted. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Twisted Ponytail

We’re a little in love with this twisted ponytail. It’s perfect because it looks elegant, but funky at the same time. Start with just a regular ponytail, pulled extra tight. Then, split your ponytail in half and apply a little bit of Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to get that sleek look, and to keep each side separated. Then twist each strand in opposite directions all the way down. The last step is to wind the two twisted sections around each other and then secure with a hair tie at the ends.

sporty hairstyle ideas with straight hair
Put a hat on it.

4. Sleek Hat Hair

Who said hat hair had to be a bad thing? We love wearing baseball hats to outdoor games, especially when it’s sunny. Instead of setting your straight style with regular hairspray, use TRESemmé Climate Protection Finishing Spray. It works to keep your style intact as well as to protect your hair against humidity, static and wind.

sporty hairstyle ideas with box braids
Box braids make this style super sleek.

6. High Ponytail

A spunky high ponytail is always a winner for game-watching. We like to make a regular high ponytail a little bit more interesting. So, instead of wearing it straight back, let it fall to the side instead!

sporty hairstyle ideas with curls
Get another day out of those curls.

7. Flowy Pigtails

Working with day-old curls? No biggie! Wear them in loose wavy pigtails for a cute look. To get the wavy look out of day-old curls, you’ll need to brush through with a boar bristle brush. These bristles can spread out the oils in your hair and help to tone down your curls. Once you’ve got your hair right where you’d like it, tie it into two low piggies! Aren’t they cute?

sporty hairstyle ideas with twists
Twist back your bangs to get your hair out of your eyes. Photo credit: Dvora

8. Twisted Back Bangs

If you need to keep your bangs out of your face, this is a great option. All you need to do is twist two sections of your hair! And, well, keep on twisting, adding a new section of hair with every new twist. We love how this hairstyle looks chic, without having to do much. Secure with bobby pins when you reach your ear.

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