40 Easy Hairstyles to Nail While in Social Distancing Mode

All in 10 minutes or less. Seriously!

Women have been bitten by the B bug. Ya know, busy, or maybe a little bored—definitely one of the two. Being caught in this quarantine situation has probably either given you more free time than usual or maybe you’re finding that you’re busier than before. Either way, fussy hairstyling is probably near the bottom of your list of things to do, and we hear you!

Below, we’ve rounded up a collection of quick hairstyles for busy mamas, workout mavens, those looking to experiment (now that you’re in a judgment-free zone) and more! Read on to check out some of our favorite cute, quick hairstyles to get you through this social distancing time:

Cute Easy Hairstyles for Busy Women

1. Free-Flowing Yoga Hair

easy hairstyles yoga
Let your hair be loose and free when you do yoga.

We love yoga as a way to zone-out and focus on our minds and bodies. One easy style for yoga is to leave your hair as is: loose and free. If you are doing hot yoga, you may need a headband or a pony to get your hair out of your face.

2. Ponytail for Running

easy hairstyles working out pony
Ponytail up and you’re good to go.

When you’re going for a run, the last thing you want to deal with is your hair in your face. Go for a classic high ponytail and blast your tunes as you focus on your run while getting your hair out of your face. If you have time, wash and condition your hair with Suave Lavender + Almond Oil Frizz Calming Shampoo and Conditioner. A clean and sweat-free hair post-run is everything!

3. Messy Bun for Bike Riding

easy hairstyles working out messy bun
Bun up for an easy workout.

Everyone in possession of a bike right now is breaking it out and riding it everywhere for some outdoor time. We love how you can break a sweat in 30 minutes (or less), feeling completely exhausted and amped up all at once. Opt for a messy and tight bun to keep your hair contained.

4. Headband for Virtual Zumba

easy hairstyles for a headband
Use a large headband to keep you relevantly sweat-free for Zumba.

We love how you can shake and move to your favorite music in a Zumba class. For this carefree (but still challenging workout!), opt for a thick headband so that your hair gets out of your face, making it easier for you to focus on your killer moves. Bonus: The thicker headband will help you sop up your sweat.

5. Visor for Tennis

easy Hairstyles for Working tennis
Visors for tennis are always a good idea!

Hit the tennis courts with a low pony and a visor (or hat) to protect your hair (and face) from the sun.

6. Top Knot

easy hairstyles top knot
Easy Hairstyles When You’re Running Late include messy top knots

A top knot is an ideal style for thick hair types to try and is one of those quick and easy hairstyles when you’re running late that also looks super cute and stylish, as it gives you a full and voluminous-looking bun easily. This look is great for when you overslept, as it doesn’t take too long to create. All you’ll need is an elastic, pins and a doughnut-shaped bun (or sock!) to form your style in minutes.

7. Scarf

easy hairstyles scarf
Hair accessories spice up basic hair looks fast.

Hair accessories also make for time-saving hair looks, as they easily dress up even the most basic styles. If you are feeling uninspired, simply throw your hair up in a messy bun, using a gorgeous silk scarf to help your look pop.

8. Space Buns

easy hairstyles space buns
Easy Styles When You’re Running Late: Space buns take under 10 minutes to create.

When you’re trying to save time, opting for some funky space buns makes for a quirky-cool look. To achieve this style in under 10 minutes, start by parting your hair in the center and create two pigtails on each side of your head. To create your buns, simply coil and pin your pigtails into two buns that rest on either side of your head.

9. Gorgeous Waves

easy hairstyles with waves
Create natural waves if your hair has a bit of a wave to it!

Great for thick hair types that already have a bit of wave in their hair, gorgeous beachy waves always make for a crowd-pleasing style. To get this look in under 10 minutes, simply use a great texturizing spray to create loose, undone waves in minutes.

10. Mini Bun Easy Hairstyle

easy hairstyles with a mini bun
Easy Styles When You’re Running Late: Mini-buns are super cute and quick to recreate. Photo credit: Dvora

If you love half-up, half-down styles, a great mini bun can help perk up your look fast. Section off the top part of your hair, coil it around into a mini bun and secure with an elastic. Yes, it’s really that easy.

11. Sporty Twist

easy hairstyles on short hair
An easy twist isn’t complicated to create! Photo credit: Dvora

A side twist can be fairly simple for shorter lengths to try, as it requires twisting two strands of your hair instead of braiding three.

12. Bubble Pony

easy hairstyles bubble pony
A bubble ponytail is easy and somewhat riveting! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Ponytails are fairly easy to create, but if you want to take your look to the next level, trying out a quirky ponytail style can totally spice things up. To get the look, slick back your hair into a high ponytail that sits on top of your head. For that bubble effect, simply segment your ponytail downwards with different elastics.

13. Pineapple Pony

easy hairstyles for pineapple hair
Easy Hairstyles When You’re Running Late: Pineapple ponytails are great for thick natural hair types.

Suitable for those with thick natural hair, a pineapple pony can be easily created in a matter of minutes. To start your look, apply a curl-defining cream like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel onto clean hair. Then, simply pin your style into a ponytail that rests on the top of your hair.

14. Texturized Top Knot

easy hairstyles for moms top knot
The difference between your everyday bun and an eye-catching top knot? Where it lies on your crown. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

As any busy mom knows, a no-nonsense bun is the universal look for when you’re Getting Stuff Done a.k.a doing everything. Elevate it by simply repositioning it higher on the crown—it looks more polished, and is an instant facelift! You can also work with your curly or wavy hair type by urging in more texture with a mousse, such as Dove Style+Curls Curls Defining Mousse, and a quick blast of a blowdryer. Flip your hair over, make a pony at your crown and create your bun. Secure with a hair tie at the base and you’re golden!

15. Chic Long Pixie

easy hairstyles for moms long pixie
Let one sides fall past one eye for a soft, pretty effect. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We love the look of a refined, boy-cut hairstyle this season, and it’s a look that quickly spells confident and chic without much effort. The very first step is getting the right cut: Ask your stylist for a stacked boy’s cut—shorter in the back, with the ends hugging your neckline and longer, more versatile layers in the front.

16. Blunt Bangs

easy hairstyles for moms blunt bangs
Full in the middle, with a bit of a wispy texture. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Blunt bangs are a fashionable look on and off the runway, and are one of those easy hairstyles that instantly update a look. Those with wider faces prefer the sides to be razored a tad bit longer, as that can be more slimming for your face shape. Styling-wise, bangs are a definite all-day “look,” and a lot of women enjoy the new silhouette it gives their facial features. They do, however, tend to get greasy quicker than the rest of your hair (they lie directly on your forehead!) so keep a can of dry shampoo handy (we love the scent and instant revitalization we get from Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo).

17. Sleek Ponytail

easy hairstyles for moms sleek pony
Use a serum and hairspray to smoothen and tame flyaways. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A smooth ponytail with a severe side-part is a surefire day-to-night winner. A classic for a reason, it’s pretty quick to recreate, provided you’ve got a fishtail comb and a good serum or hairspray. To style, first create a side part over one ear, and comb hair smoothly down towards the opposite side. Gather everything at a low ponytail at your nape and secure with a hair tie. Smooth down all flyaways or cowlicks at the hairline with a non-sticky yet hardworking hairspray.

18. French Braided Half-Updo

easy hairstyles for moms french braid half-updo
Make the switcheroo from a French to a regular braid once you run out of scalp. Photo credit: Dvora

Calling all you braid-savvy mommas! Put those plaiting skills to work with this easy hairstyle, which features a two-in-one trend: the braid and the half-ponytail. Start by sectioning the top half of your hair, and begin a French braid from the hairline till your crown. Switch to a regular three-strand braid afterward, and quickly braid till the ends, securing with a hair tie. Looks super cute on your precious little nuggets too.

19. Headband with Ponytail Easy Hairstyle

easy hairstyles for moms headband with pony
The headband is back! Accessorize with your favorite statement earrings, and you’re all set. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’re as obsessed with the ’90s as we are, you’re going to love this yearbook-era hairstyle featuring a thick headband and low ponytail combo (!). The reason it works now is the same reason it was a hit back then: It’s easy, uncomplicated and somehow still sassy. Take your favorite leather or fabric-covered headband, smooth it towards your crown then gather the rest of your hair into a mid- to low ponytail. Bonus points for a bit of backcombing at your crown for texture!

20. Middle-Parted Pony with Ribbon

easy hairstyles for moms ribbon pony
A low, beribboned pony is a flirty option for date night. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For a sophisticated ponytail option, a center-parted low ponytail accessorized with a black ribbon, a.k.a. this season’s hottest hair accessory, is an easy look to master. Clean hair works best for this look as it provides a bit of softness and grip, so first wash with a clarifying shampoo. Blow-dry your hair completely, and then create a middle part with the end of a fishtail comb. Tie hair back in a low ponytail near your nape, and loop a black ribbon around your ponytail, ending with a bow in front. Done!

21. Sexy Low Braid

easy hairstyles low braid
Leave a few tendrils loose to soften the look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A no-brainer hairstyle that’s high in impact is the messy low braid. Best worn on long hair that’s slightly textured, i.e. wavy or curly, it only looks complicated but in reality, takes less time than it takes to brew your morning coffee. To achieve this romantic hairdo, create a loose, diffused middle parting (don’t stress out about this—it’s supposed to be inexact). Then gather hair below each ear and begin a loose, easy regular three-strand braid. Leave a few tendrils at each temple to soften the look, and tug at the area near your crown to create a bit of lift. Secure ends with a hair tie.

22. Sexy, Quick and Easy Curls

easy hairstyles soft curls
Say bye to summer with sexy quick and easy hairstyles. Our top pick: soft curls.

To style, prep hair with a heat spray, curl medium sections of hair, then set it in place with some hairspray for a touchable hold.

23. Side Braid Easy Hairstyle

easy hairstyles side braid
Most braided hairstyles are super simple and quick like this cool style. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Detangle hair with and smoothing with a boar bristle brush if needed. Create a braid on each side of your hair and you’re done! For a more trendy look, opt for a half-up style. If you want to get even more trendy add waves to your hair ends towards the back.

24. Beachy Waves

easy hairstyles with loose waves
Strut your stuff out of the office and ready for drinks with a gorgeous set of loose curls.

A popular hairstyle that can be achieved from home is loose curls/beachy waves. After curling, spray with hairspray to hold the curls throughout the day, give the hair a bit of a refresh by spraying dry shampoo to the roots and then gently brush the entire length of the hair to get rid of static frizz.

25. High Sleek Ponytail

easy hairstyles sleek ponytail
The high pony is a super chic look to create when you’re pressed for time. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Flip your head over and grab your hair and tie it with a strong elastic band. Once you have your ponytail in place, pin down the flyaways around the neck with one or two bobby pins and smooth down frizz and baby hairs with a nourishing serum. You can also grab about an inch worth of hair from the underside of the pony and loop around the elastic band, securing with a bobby pin for a more polished look.

26. Braid or Side-Braid

an braided ponytail woman sitting outside and looking away
A thick, side braid is a chic way to style your hair.

Apply serum to ends to add moisture and gloss. Next, grab your hair and section into three parts and start folding over while braiding the length of the hair. If opting for a side braid, make sure to put a hairpin in the side opposite to the braid to secure and prevent your braid from falling apart.

Editor’s Pick: For either style, try Bed Head by TIGI Control Freak Serum to control frizz and add shine.

27. Pinned Hairstyles

bobby pin easy hairstyles
Get red carpet ready for your after-work outings with this sultry award season trend.

To achieve this look we first suggest blowdrying your hair with a round brush to both straighten and build volume, then add a serum to the ends for shine and hairspray to prevent flyaways. Tuck with both or one side of the front pieces of hair behind your ear and secure with a bobby pin.

28. Undone Hairstyles

easy hairstyles undone hair
The undone look is having a moment. Add this to your list of DIY hairstyles for last minute.

The “undone” side braid is also relatively easy to achieve, doesn’t require much time or effort and looks great on mid-length to long hair. As before, follow the steps to achieve a braid but to add in the “undone” effect, gently run your fingers and slowly ‘pull’ out small pieces of hair to create a more effortless yet edgy look.

29. Simple Side Braid

easy hairstyles side braid
A simple and super easy way to rock long hair

This style is probably already in your arsenal but it definitely deserves a reminder as a long hairstyle that you can rock in your day-to-day life. Our braid hair bible will give you the rundown of virtually every style to try, but this simple three-strand braid is all you really need for your long hair. Bring your braid to the side for an effortless and chic look.

30. Loose Waves

easy hairstyles loose waves
Easy styles for wavy hair.

For the lazy girl who wants a little oomph in her long hair, why not try to create loose and carefree hair waves. Hairstyles like this are seriously made for long hairstyles you showcase vibrant and bouncy hair waves. Simply spritz some heat protectant onto your hair, then use your curling wand to create low and controlled hair waves.

31. Rich Girl Hair

easy hairstyles rich girl hair
The it look for easy hairstyles.

You’ve probably heard something about the rich girl hair trend. Known for its sleek and polished look, rich girl hair is perfect for the lazy girl who is all about shiny hair. Check out our full tutorial on rich girl hair so that you can master this look at home.

32. Fake Bob

Hairstyles for short hair

You’ve probably had long hair forever and a day, and that’s cool. But did you know that you can mix up your look by making a long bob?! Cool, right? We love this variation on that hair trend where you add in loose hair waves that’s an ode to vintage hairstyles with a modern twist. Master this look for yourself by checking out our wavy long bob tutorial.

33. Twirled Updo

easy hairstyles swirls
A cool swirly style that’s way easier than what it looks like.

This hairstyle appears difficult but is actually on par with something quick and easy for your busy lifestyle. To create the look, refresh your locks with some dry shampoo to absorb any hair oils and get your ready for styling. Then brush your hair and separate it into two section. Create four to five smaller sections and starting with one section, make small a circular motion around your mini section. Hold it together with some bobby pins and repeat!

34. Half Up Top Knot

easy hairstyles top knot
A fierce top knot that you’ve got to try.

A cool take on the half-up, half-down hairstyle is the top knot. We love how this style features a big hair bun that sits on the top of your head.

35. Connecting Braid

easy hairstyles half braided
A connecting braid is a cool style to try when you have long hair! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you’re game to up your braided hairstyle up a notch, then this one look that you’ve got to try. The connecting braid hairstyle essentially involves creating two braids on each side of your face. When you reach the mid-part of your braid, you include the middle section of your hair to continue the braid all the way down towards the end of your hair. Close it up with a hair tie and marvel at this awesome way to style your long hair.

36. French-Girl Chignon

easy hairstyles messy chignon
Sun’s out, end’s out. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Affixing a tight knot on your head is the last thing you want when waking up with a splitting headache, but a relaxed, softer chignon can give you the same effect with none of the strain. Nothing says “ready for those Monday meetings!” clearer than a no-nonsense style that keeps your hair out of your face. To achieve, wash and rinse hair in the shower—that cool blast of water is an added waker-upper—and blow-dry until damp. Prep with a styling spray, blow-drying till completely dry while creating a low side part. Twist hair in a loop where your part goes, and secure with a medium-tension hair tie or some bobby pins.

37. Twisted Pony

easy hairstyles low bun pony
Anchor both bases with hair ties so you don’t lose your place, especially during the morning rush. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If late-working Mondays have got you oversleeping the next day, skip the shampoo and rock a perky, twisted ponytail instead. Directional and hot on the Spring/Summer runways, this style is literally a 15-second ’do and fits right in between your morning coffee and starting work. First, revitalize locks by sopping up any excess scalp grime with a fresh-smelling dry shampoo, and use a fine-toothed comb or brush to gather hair into a medium-height ponytail. Secure the tail with a hair tie and proceed to twist it downwards in a regular two-strand rope braid, affixing the end with another elastic.

38. Overnight Waves

easy hairstyles long asian hair overnight waves
The grown-up version of shaking out your ponytail. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

You need a bit of prep for this, but not too much. Shampoo and condition hair with a clarifying formula the night before and affix three loose buns on the crown of your head—left, right and center—at bedtime. Upon waking, wear a shower cap in the shower (the steam helps set the curl), then spritz buns with a thermal protectant/styling spray with a blowdryer and unfurl. The result? Effortless-looking, slightly restrained waves that give the impression of you being in control of your hair and/or your life.

39. Happy Half-Updo

easy hairstyles half up hair
Got 5 more minutes? Tie a ribbon on it. Photo credit: Dvora

Friday’s around the corner, meaning those weekly deadlines have got you scurrying around with barely a minute to yourself. Choose these kinds of easy hairstyles that are as quick as they are forgettable—and we mean that in the best way, as the last thing you need today is to spend those precious free minutes fussing over some flyaways. Wash and blowdry hair in the morning with a styling spray, and gather the top section into an easy ponytail near the crown of your head and secure with a hair tie (ooh, you’ve got 30 more seconds—quick, some backcombing at the hairline for some volume!). Brush and smoothen out the remaining layers, spritz some light, humidity-resistant hairspray on your mini-pouf, and you’re done.

40. Sleek Blowout Easy Hairstyle

easy hairstyles sleek blowout
Secret ingredient: shine serum and lotsa hairflips. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

To achieve this effortless style, wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner in the morning and prep with a blowdry spray or mousse. Blowdry and style, moving in a careful, downwards motion.

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