Winter Hairstyles: 12 Pretty Hairstyles for the Colder Months

So elevated yet simple, no one will guess you went the D.I.Y. route.

During the winter season, most of us face some challenging times when it comes to our hair. Many of our winter hair complaints include dry and parched hair or flaky scalps. However, winter is one of the only seasons that allows us to keep our hairstyles for a longer time.

Unlike clothing, there are so many winter hairstyles we can transition from our warm weather hairstyle repertoire into our hairstyle lineup for the colder months, like half-up hairstyles, wavy hair and cool ombré hair colors. Here’s an inspiring lookbook to help you winterize your favorite hairstyles:

Winter Hair: Fabulous Winter-Friendly Hairstyle Ideas

how to create winter ball hairstyles with a festive chignon
Upgrade your chignon game with some elements from nature. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Adorned Chignon

Want to add interest to any old hairstyle? Add in some pretty accessories. We’re really into the idea of using fake (or real!) plants in hairstyles for a whimsical look. To recreate this style, roll your hair into a chignon. Practice doing pin curls first, then layer several pin curls around the nape of your neck.  Enhance this style by adding in some floral hair clips that you place right on top of your pin curls. We’d love to see this style with a flowy maxi dress for some serious forest fairy vibes.

Create chic winter ball hairstyles with a braided bun
Upgrade your standard updo with this chic braided bun.

2. Double Braided Bun

This is one of those winter ball hairstyles that looks super complicated and intricate, but is actually pretty easy to do. Take two sections of your hair from the nape of your neck (one larger than the other) to create your braids. Then, braid both sections of your hair and secure with a hair tie. Take the rest of your hair and create a bun. Lay the two braids over your hair like headbands, pinning in place as you go. Finish by tucking the tails of the braids under the bun. We know it has several steps, but ultimately it’s just two braids and a bun!

create winter ball hairstyles with a chic bun
This bun will scream style for your winter party.

3. Simple Bun Updo

If all that braiding work isn’t your jam, try out a sleek bun instead. All you need to do for this style is to pull your hair back into a tight ponytail, and create a slicked-back bun. To slick down every little baby hair, use a boar bristle brush. It will help to capture all those little hairs and create a super smooth style. Finish off this look with a good mist of Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray. It will hold down your flyaways while also helping to keep your hair looking shiny and polished!

create winter ball hairstyles with this chic pompadour
Rock this retro-chic look at your next party. Photo credit:

4. Baby Pompadour

We are all about retro-chic hairstyles and the 1950s was certainly on-point with some seriously awesome hair trends! Mix up your party look a bit and create this pompadour with a bun or even a ponytail. To create the pomp look, section off the front inch and a half to two inches of hair straight back from your forehead. Then to create some volume on fine hair, leave a section of hair at the front out, and tease the roots of the rest of the section.

create winter ball hairstyles with chic space buns
Show-off some of your personality with this modern space buns.

5. Funky Space Buns

For a chill take on winter ball hairstyles, try out space buns! All it takes, really, is creating two buns on the top of your head. You can make it more fun by adding in a wide zig-zag part or creating your buns with hair doughnuts! It’s a sassy style that literally anyone can DIY. You can up the ante even further by adding in glitter roots or hair confetti.

create winter ball hairstyles with a bow bun
A bow bun is always a good idea for your hair.

6. Bow Bun

Bow buns are so girly and fun! You can easily create a bow bun with box braided hair or, you can create a bow bun on unbraided hair. Either way, you do it this cute style will light up all of your winter formal photos! Just make sure that you bring some bobby pins in your bag in case any strands make their way out of the style.

winter hair grey hair color trend
Go for ombré hair color with muted tones during the winter season. Photo credit:

7. Winter Grays

The gray hair trend is having a huge moment for the fall and winter season. If going full-on gray isn’t your cup of tea, there are other ways that you can hop on gray hair train. Consider muted gray lowlights or a gray ombré.

winter hair normcore hairstyles
Complement your basic look with a super chic hairstyle to match. Photo credit:

8. Normcore Hairstyles

Complement minimalist fashion with a trendy hairstyle that also falls on the classy end of the spectrum. Case in point: Ballerina buns with a bit of texture and shag hairstyles. A big winter hair trend that also works is the easy-breezy half-up hairstyle. On first or second-day hair, add a few waves to your hair for texture, then gather your top section into a ponytail or bun. Add a styling oil to add a touch of shine to your look.

winter hair sleek ponytail
Smooth operator! Opt for styles with high shine for a more polished look during a cold and dry winter season. Photo credit:

9. Sleek Styles

During the colder months, most of us are laid-back when it comes to hairstyling. Simple hairstyles like updos are as far as many of us will go. While updos are the perfect lazy girl hairstyles during the winter season, opt for sleek styles to make the look appear super neat and polished. (No one has to know you literally rolled out of the bed!) To create, smooth your hair into an updo of your choice (we’re loving low buns at the moment), then finish off your style with a shine spray.

winter hair holiday waves
Winter waves are one of the easiest holiday hair looks to try. Photo credit:

10. Holiday Hair

This season, pair up velvet textures, and menswear-inspired suits with ultra-feminine hairstyles. A simple style is this wavy hairstyle that can also work for your holiday festivities. To achieve this elegant yet understated winter hair look, use a hair wand to curl your face-framing tendrils away from your face. Then use some hairspray to add a flexible hold to your style.

winter hair natural texture
Let your hair flow with the cool winter breeze by wearing textured hairstyles. Photo credit:

11. Textured Play

Not only do we get excited to wear cold-weather textures and fabrics like shearling, fur, and wool. We’re also eager to pile on the texture in our winter hairstyles. To achieve the look, rough dry your hair after washing, then use a hair wand to create subtle waves. Alternatively, you can create overnight waves by braiding your hair and releasing it in the morning.

winter hair pixie haircut
Try out short haircuts that are stylish and hat-friendly at the same time. Photo credit:

12. Short Crops

The key to getting a short crop during the winter season is to find a haircut that works with your lifestyle and personal style. If you know you will be wearing hats to keep your head warm or just as an accessory to complete your look, go for crops that are hat-friendly. Close crops like pixie or bob haircuts are ideal for the winter season. If you need a little inspiration on how to accessorize your hair, check out three of our favorite ways to jazz up our winter hairstyles.

Winter Hair: Fabulous Winter-Friendly Hairstyle Ideas

styling gel for holiday hairstyles
The secret to a braid that holds is just a little bit of hair gel.

1. Streamline your braids.

Rubbing a little bit of hair gel between your hands before you begin braiding your hair will stop those baby hairs from escaping—not to mention keep your braids streamlined and sleek. Try out a dab of TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to add some shine to your strands.

2. Smooth out your celebrity-inspired top knot.

Don’t you just love a top knot?! This celebrity-inspired look has been everywhere these days from the red carpet to the streets of NYC and it’s the perfect winter hairstyle. Gather it into a top knot for a slicked backed and on-trend look. Editors’ tip: applying the gel as you create the style will ensure that your look is sleek and flyaway-free.

3. Invest in a product that will give you some polish.

Run a small palmful of Suave Define & Shine Serum Gel through all of your hair for a holiday party-ready style that has some texture and a little bit of shine. This is the easiest way to add some glam to your strands, which we especially love when we’re short on time.

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