hair color trends 2017: best look for you

Hair Color Trends 2017: How to Get the Right Shade for You

The perfect hue for you!

Have you hopped on the latest hair color trends 2017 yet? While there are so many awesome hair colors out there (blorange hair, anyone?!), many of these trendy hues don’t always work for everyone. To help us better understand the latest in hair color trends, we chatted with Heather Cie, co-owner and founder of Cie Sparks Salon in Los Angeles. As an expert and celebrity colorist, Cie focuses on creating hair color for her clients that looks natural, on-trend and gorgeous. Sign us up! Read on to check out our insider hair interview with Cie to help you better find the right hue for you in 2017.

Hair Color Trends 2017

hair color trends 2017 red hair
Is red hair in your future? Photo courtesy of Cie Sparks Salon

All Things Hair: How do you work with your clients to find the ideal hair color?

Heather Cie: When coloring your hair, ask your colorist for at least two shades darker or lighter than your skin tone to create a contrast that’s complementary. When your skin and hair color are too similar in tone, it’s very easy to look washed out or dull. Clients should be made aware of what colors and/or shade will and will not go well with their skin tone and I help them with that. Going too light could possibly wash out a client’s face, as well as going too warm with their color could bring out undesired red/pink undertones. When discussing your potential color with your colorist, remember that colorists have gone through extensive training in order to achieve the best results for each client and it’s best to defer to them when it comes to the ideal shade.

hair color trends 2017
Lighten up in 2017! Photo courtesy of Cie Sparks Salon

All Things Hair: What are some hair colors that you predict will be big for 2017?

Heather Cie: The biggest color trends I am seeing so far for 2017 are warmer tones. Touches of rich reds, coppers, buttery blondes and warm toffee browns are especially “in” right now. It seems the overly-dyed colors are on the way out and women are starting to embrace their natural tones and colors more.

All Things Hair: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to dye their hair but has never tried it?

Heather Cie: Always visit a professional colorist any time you decide to dye your hair. Don’t attempt to use box dyes, because more likely than not, it will turn out not how you expected and will end in an expensive trip to the salon for a color correction. For first timers, I recommend staying natural without doing anything too extreme as it can be a bit jarring to completely change your look without the gradual experience.

All Things Hair: What’s the best way to maintain color-treated hair?

Heather Cie: Colored hair is more susceptible to damage and so I recommended cutting down on overusing heated tools such as daily blow-drying and flat ironing. If you need to use heat, keep it on the lowest heat setting and be sure to use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and apply a heat-protecting styling product. I also suggest applying leave-in conditioning treatments that are specially formulated to protect color-treated hair. If you have blonde or platinum hair, start using a purple shampoo with every wash to reduce brassiness and maintain your color.

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