The 24 Best Universally Flattering Hair Colors for You to Try

We answered the age-old question: "What's the best hair color for me?"

At some point in our lives, we always have inner debates with this question: “What’s the best hair color for me?” Trying to find the most flattering hair color can get tricky, and one wrong move and you could end up with a horrific mess. But, have no fear, because there are some universal hair colors that are flattering for just about everyone! No matter what hair type or skin tone, these following shades will suit any girl. Spruce up your locks with one of these universally awesome shades:

best hair color for me bronde
Why choose between brown or blonde when you can have both?

1. Bronde

When you think about “the best hair color for me,” two major shades come to mind: blonde and brown. So, why not incorporate both into your locks? The results will be this beautifully muted shade that’s fitting for everyone. We know that hair dye can do some damage to your locks, so make sure you replenish your strands with Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum.

best hair color for me dark brown
This classic color fits seamlessly on everyone.

2. Dark Brown

This dark brown hue is a timeless color that suits just about every girl.

best hair color for me honey blonde
This sweet color is total eye candy.

3. Honey Blonde

For a blonde look that’s not too blonde, try out this sweet and sexy honey blonde.

best hair color for me ombre
This trendy style suits every hair color.

4. Ombré

Let’s be real: No matter what hair type, length, or skin tone you have, an ombré look is always a fun choice. If you have kinky curls like the ones above, you should always make sure to hydrate and replenish them after a big hair dye job. For shine and smoothness, apply a bit of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Smoothing Serum when styling to give your hair the TLC it deserves.

best hair color for me golden brwon
This warm brown shade is fit for the coolest fashionistas.

5. Golden Brown

Stay golden with this warm brown hue.

best hair color for me raven black
This warm black shade is extremely intoxicating.

6. Raven Black

To give your black hair a softer edge that is suiting for everyone, try adding a touch of brown color to create this deep shade.

best hair color for me dark caramel
A darker spin on the classic caramel.

7. Dark Caramel

This rich and smooth shade is always the perfect answer to the question, “what’s the best hair color for me?”

best hair color for me jet black
A color with an edge.

8. Jet Black

Give your style some attitude with this dark-as-night hue.

best hair color for me platinum blonde
This cool-as-ice blonde is a look for everyone to try.

9. Platinum Blonde

If you want a shade that’s as bold and eccentric as you are, then try out this super trending platinum blonde shade.

best hair color for me rainbow
Everyone should light up their lives with this rainbow hue.

10. Rainbow

One true color that will give a pop to anyone’s look will always be rainbow. Whether you go for a muted style like above or a more vibrant look, we guarantee that this multi-toned look will get heads turning and jaws dropping.

best hair color for me sombre
A lighter play on the classic color gradient.

11. Sombré

If you’re not into the intensity of the classic ombré’s color gradient, then try out the sombré. It’s basically the calmer cousin of the classic style, and can be incorporated easily into everyone’s look. To create textured waves like the ones above, apply a wax on your sombré-colored locks. We love Bed Head by TIGI Stick.

best hair color for me cinnamon
This light, muted red is fit for all ladies.

12. Cinnamon

Want to create a look that’s sweet but with a spicy kick added to it? This seductive cinnamon color will do just the trick.

best hair color for me classic blonde
Nothing beats the classic blonde look.

13. Classic Blonde

This subtle blonde is for the girls who enjoy the simpler things in life.

best hair color for me classic brown
Another classic shade that’s perfect for everyone.

14. Classic Brown

If you’re in need of a truly universal color that you can keep up with year-round, then this classic brown shade is the best pick for you.

best hair color for me watermelon hair
Transition from blonde to this trendy combination of pink and green.

15. Watermelon Hair

Get in on the latest food-inspired hair color craze. Watermelon hair is made up of a range of hues that collectively create a cohesive watermelon-inspired combination.

best hair color for me unicorn hair
Consider this rainbow of colors.

16. Unicorn Hair

Ask your stylist to create a style that includes a range of pastel colors. We love how these lighter hues compliment skin tones across the spectrum.

best hair color for me soft pink
We love this soft yet vibrant shade of pink hair color.

17. Soft Pink

Opt for a soft yet vibrant shade of pink hair color.

best hair color for me rooted blonde
Keep your roots dark.

18. Rooted Blonde

Consider a light shade of bleach blonde hair and leave your roots grown-in and natural for some heavy and trendy contrast.

best hair color for me pumpkin spice
This warm shade of red hair is on-trend and super flattering.

19. Pumpkin Spice

This light hue of pumpkin spice hair color is an obvious choice for the cooler months but also works well in the warmer weather, too.

best hair color for me mermaid blue
This look has all the depth and dimension you need.

20. Mermaid Hair

This combination of different shades of blues and greens is the perfect combination for the ultimate mermaid hair.

best hair color for me light red
Keep your color light and bright.

21. Lighter Hues

Lighten up with a beautiful and vibrant shade of light red hair color. This hue is particularly flattering for women with pale skin.

best hair color for me light ends
Lighten up just the ends.

22. Highlighted Ends

Leave most of your color natural and lighten up just the ends for a subtle hair color change that makes a big impact.

best hair color for me deep red
Take your red hair color to the next level.

23. Deep Red

Try this striking and bold shade of red hair color on your long strands.

best hair color for me deep brunette
Go even darker.

24. Dark Brunette

Take your brown hair to the next level by opting for this deep shade of brunette color. This color is the perfect contrast and compliment to pale skin but looks incredible on a range of skin tones.