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Double Twist Half-Updo: How to Master the Style at Home

It's the perfect time to learn a new style!

With a lot of extra time on our hands, we can finally try out all of those hairstyles we’ve had our eye on. One hairstyle in particular that grabbed our attention is the double twist half-updo. Whether you want to look a little more put-together for a video call, or just want to expand your collection of go-to hairstyles, this half-updo is easy to do and can be done on any hair type. Read on for our handy-dandy tutorial:

Double Twist Half-Updo: How to Master the Style at Home

1. Add Grip to Your Strands

To start off your look, you’ll want to make sure your hair has a bit of body and grip. To do this, we love using TRESemmé Premium Styling Volume Boost Spray. This spray will help your strands appear thicker while providing grip for styling control. Plus, it’ll leave your hair with a soft finish. All you need to do is spray the product at your roots for added lift, or on the mid-length to ends of your hair for extra texture.

2. Section Off Your Hair and Begin Twisting

Next, part your hair on the left or right side of your head, whichever you prefer. On the side of your part with the most hair, take a section of hair (normally where your bangs would be) and split it into two pieces. Begin twisting these pieces together so they look like a rope. When you reach the end of your hair, pin in place so the twist doesn’t fall out. Repeat this on the opposite side of your head.

3. Twist the Underneath Section

double twist half-updo
Create a double twist effect!  

To create the double effect, grab a section of hair at the front of your head, just underneath the twist you already made. Split this section into two pieces and begin the same twisting process. After you finish, you’ll want to repeat this on the other side too.

4. Pin All Sections Together

Now that the twists are in place, it’s time to secure your double twist half-updo. Take all of the sections of hair at the back of your head and combine both sections on the right together. Pin the ends to the back of your head so they stay in place. Repeat this step with the sections of hair on the left side. When you pin the left side in place, cross the sections over the right side to cover up the bobby pins.

5. Spray in Place!

double twist half updo
Use pins to secure your style.

After all of your hair is pinned in place, use Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold and Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray to help keep your double twist half-updo in place all day long. We love this hair spray because the coconut milk helps tame frizz while still giving your hair flexible hold.

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