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Salt Spray for Hair: The Hair Product That Gives You Beach Waves After Summer

Beach hair and you just don't care.

Salt spray is the reason almost every girl can have her dream of having beach hair all year round come true. It has become such a staple in hair styling routines all over that it’s hard to come across a new salt spray on the while shopping and just not have it. What differentiates some salt sprays from others may only be simply its color, price, and smell. In other words: They basically all do the same exact thing which is why we find it quite silly to spend tons of money on a salt spray for hair that you can definitely get for less—trust us, we have!

However, with all beauty and hair care products out there, you have to test things out to discover what you truly love. So that might mean spending more sometimes or spending less. To help you spend less but still get the results you’re after, we’re giving you the lowdown on a salt spray we have on constant rotation and you definitely should too:

Salt Spray for Hair: Score Beach Hair All Year Round

salt spray for hair: beach waves
Current mood: Salt in your hair and you just don’t care.

We all know that there are a few salt sprays out that everyone is obsessing over, which makes it harder for others to stand out and get the recognition they deserve. We live in a ‘gotta’ have it’ world where everyone wants the exact products beauty influencers or their friends are talking about. Sometimes you try it out, and you absolutely dislike it. Don’t just try something out because of the brand. If you do, and it doesn’t work for you, don’t throw your money in the garbage. Some brands will take it back, if not give it to a friend instead.

Let us introduce you to a salt spray for hair just as good (and better for many) as the other popular salt sprays on the market. Say hello to Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Salt Texturizing Spray. Yes, a drugstore brand that gives your hair luxurious salon results at a fraction of the price. Please remind us why you’re wasting your money on anything else? We’ll wait!

salt spray for hair: long waves
Get inspired by the looks from the runway. Beach waves don’t always have to be super defined. A little bit of salt spray for hair will do the trick. (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for TRESemme)

The formula of this product, which by the way is infused with sea minerals (hello, beach in a bottle), does exactly what it says. A few pumps of this onto damp or towel-dried hair will give your hair texture and long-lasting body. But, that’s not all. We’ve tested this salt spray on a few different hair types and noticed that it works for everyone. It’s all about finding the method that works for you. If you have natural hair, opt for braiding or twisting your hair with this salt spray, allow your hair to completely dry then release to reveal your voluminous wavy style.

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