Bleached Brows and Blonde Hair: 5 Ways to Wear this Trend

Bleached brows + blonde hair = the trend of the season.

Eyebrow trends have the ability to make or break any beauty look and must be chosen with caution. When it comes to the new bleached brows trend, it’s essential to consider a number of variables before taking the plunge. Stylists recommend considering your current hair color, deciding whether your goal is to bleach or merely lighten your brows, and doing your research to find a reputable salon that can bleach your brows without giving them a brassy finish.

When it comes to making this trend work, we are partial to the bleached brows and blonde hair look. This combination is the perfect blend of edgy and editorial. Keep reading to see 5 ways you can wear this look:

1. Silvery Blonde

bleached brows silvery blonde
This silvery blonde hair color adds extra edginess to your look.

This first look is a perfect way to add an extra touch of edge to your look. Silvery blonde hues pair well with bleached brows for a doubly cool vibe. Choppy layers and grown-out bangs draw the eye up to the brows for an overall uplifting result.

2. Bleached Bangs

bleached brows long blonde hair bangs
Double up on the bleach blonde layers.

Layer up on the bleach blonde color by pairing your bleached brows with bleach blonde bangs. Anytime you’re bleaching your hair, it’s important to adjust your hair care routine to maintain the integrity of your strands. This is even more true for an overall bleached look that effects your entire head of hair from the bangs to the ends.

Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner will keep your hair strong and healthy while ensuring your color stays free of brassy undertones.

3. Bleach Blonde Lob

bleached brows lob
Blend a classy lob with edgy bleached brows for a truly unique look.

This is the ideal blend of hair genres for those who are looking to balance edgy with classy elements. This 90s inspired one-length lob with shorter face-framing layers at the front is the classy balance to your brand new edgy bleached brows.

4. Curls for Days

bleached brows curls
Make a statement with curly bleach blonde strands.

Make a major statement with your look by embracing your natural curl pattern. Use Dove Curls Defining Mousse on damp hair to activate your curls! This haircut features micro eyebrow-brushing bangs that show off your bleached brows.

5. Closely Shaved

bleached brows shaved
Consider a closely shaved style.

Consider letting your bleached brows do all the talking and opt for a closely shaved haircut. This bleach blonde ‘do will matched your fresh brows and give your entire look a super editorial cool vibe.

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