Editors’ Picks: Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Miriam Herst | 19 February 2019
Editors' Picks: Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Restore some shine and strength back into your tired strands.

If you’ve entered this season with a little bit of hair history that you’re ready to leave behind, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re talking overdyed strands, a little too much action with your hair straightener or going one too many months without a trim. If your hair is feeling weak and prone to breakage, then you’re probably ready for a hair pick-me-up. To help you out on the road to reparation, we’ve compiled our picks for the best conditioner for damaged hair, depending on your particular hair needs.

Settle in and prepare to find that one miracle product that will take your strands to next-level gloss and healthiness. Finding the right conditioner for damaged hair is as easy as narrowing down the best products. Keep reading for our favorite picks:

Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

best conditioner for damaged hair on curly hair
Don’t let your damaged strands take away from reaching your hair goals.

1. Bed Head by TIGI Re-Energize Conditioner

Bed Head by TIGI Re-Energize Conditioner is formulated to treat hair that’s been through the wringer. This product is supercharged with hydrating components that help heal and hydrate your hair at the same time. Not only will it boost the strength of your hair; it also helps make styling it a lot easier, as it helps detangle even the most difficult hair types. This conditioner is the best way to hit refresh on your hair without cutting it all off.


2. TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Conditioner

Hit rewind on all the damage you did to your strands with TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Conditioner. The product is formulated with macadamia oil, wheat proteins and avocado oil. That means your favorite toast topping isn’t just good for breakfast. This product restores lost strength and repairs your hair as it conditions. The fact that it’s safe for color treated hair means that your latest foray into the world of blondes won’t be interrupted.


3. Suave Professionals Damage Resist Conditioner

If you’re not planning on laying off the hair experimenting, try Suave Professionals Damage Resist Conditioner. This product restores your damaged strands but it also preps your hair with a keratin and antioxidant complex. That means your hair won’t only look healthy and strong, it will feel and stay that way, too.


4. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Repair Conditioner

When breakage feels like a constant theme, it’s time to call in the guns and use a serious reparative conditioner. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Repair Conditioner strengthens hair proteins for 96 percent less breakage. It will leave you with hair 86 percent more conditioned and 42 percent smoother (those are some numbers we like to see!).


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