17 stylish hairstyles for long hair we’re loving right now

Hairstyles for long hair every girl will enviable long strands will admire!

Wearing your hair long gives you overall drama and sass. But if you’ve been sporting the same long hairstyle all day, everyday, that extra length can easily turn stunning to boring.

If you don’t plan on getting a haircut, you can upgrade your long hair by trying out a host of new and interesting ‘dos; and since you have great length to work with, the possibilities are endless! Keep scrolling because we’ve got the prettiest hairstyles for long hair that you’ll just love, right here!


17 ways to style long hair


1. The half-up ponytail

hairstyles for long hair: woman with dark wavy hair, tied up into a half ponytail
Source: Unsplash

There is no denying that the half-up, half-down ponytail is a lazy girls fave. Why, you ask? Because not only is it fuss-free but it takes only a matter of seconds to create. Add a bit of flair to the look with some waves.


2. Ponytail tuck

Hairstyles for long hair: Side back view of woman with light brown hair in a low twisted drop bun with a black ribbon seen in backstage image from Rochas FW17 show.
If you like it put a bow on it. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If your usual style is a half efforted ponytail, you’ll fall head over heels for this ponytail upgrade. The elegant updo will work a treat on those with long hair looking for party hair inspiration.

Get the look by styling your tresses in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and loop the tail of your hair under, wrapping the lengths of your strands around the base of your ponytail. Then just secure with bobby pins. And for the pièce de résistance reach for the haberdashery box and pin a delightfully cute ribbon just above your ponytail tuck.


3. Crown braid

Hairstyles for long hair: Back view of woman with long straight golden blonde hair with crown braid half-up, half-down.
A hairstyle we think Khaleesi would be proud of. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Make your crown braid as beautiful at the back as it is at the front. It’s a super chic look that’s perfect for many different occasions—weddingsmatric balls, festivals, and even for any casual days (or nights) out.


4. Side-wept waves

woman with aide part and long dark wavy hair
Source: Unsplash

This is a great look to enjoy your natural, wavy tresses. It’s cute, fun, and easy. The best part is that it also works well with most hair types, so if you don’t have natural waves, you can always create them.


5. Pigtails with a twist

Hairstyles for long hair: Back view of woman with long straight blonde hair in two twisted low pigtails. Woman is wearing a yellow collared jacket.
If only our school hair looked this good. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This look is far from the grade school pigtails your mom used to make you wear. Consider this grown-up pigtail hairstyle (with literal twists), the more fashionable version of your childhood ‘do.


6. Samurai bun

Hairstyles for long hair: Back view of woman on Victoria Beckham FW15 runway with long brown hair styled in a twisted bun with ends hanging loose. Woman is wearing a sleeveless navy high neck top.
Let this updo take you from day to night. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This runway approved samurai bun will be a huge hit among all your style-conscious friends. And for all your other mates just tell them it’s #fashun.

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7. The loop

Hairstyles for long hair: Back view of woman with straight brown long hair styled in a low flipped up style secured with a large black barrette accessory at the Suno FW15 runway show.
The barrette has made a fashionable comeback and we’re on board. Credit: indigitalimages.com

From office hour to happy hour, this looped updo will become your new fave hairstyle for those with long hair. And the best part is, you can create the look in a matter of seconds and still get incredible results.


8. Slicked-back

hairstyles for long hair: woman with long wavy hair, dark roots and honey blonde ombre
Source: Unsplash

When you want to show off your long hair but still keep your tresses pinned back, there is no better style than slick back the top section of hair. If you don’t want to use product to slick your hair back, try pinning it back with bobby pins or other pretty accessories.

Make like this fashionista and add soft waves to your hair for a Disney princess finish.


9. Peek-a-boo braids

Long hairstyles: Woman on runway with long wavy brown hair with long bangs and peekaboo braids. Woman is wearing a floral and lace top.
The littlest details can instantly freshen up your style. Credit: indigitalimages.com

To channel your inner boho babe, wear your hair loose and wavy, then braid a small section of hair behind each ear and secure the ends with an elastic.

It’s a look that’s especially perfect for music festivals, and boho chic affairs, and if you’re currently rocking a (totally on-trend) long bob, you can wear this still too!


10. Blunt bangs

Street style image of woman with pastel pink straight full fringe. Woman is wearing a grey stone coloured beret, metal rim circle glasses and a white top.
Long haircuts don’t need to be complicated. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Don’t let this Instagram-worthy pastel pink hue distract you from the beauty of this long haircut.

Haircuts for long hair can often feel limited, the thought of scissors touching your precious mane can put some off a trip to the salon. But fear not as this blunt bangs update can instantly give your style a fresh look, all while keeping your cherished length.


11. Leather-wrapped ponytail

Back view of woman with a low ponytail with a white leather wrap. Woman is wearing a white broderie summer dress.
Now that’s a ponytail upgrade. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If you like your ponytail, you don’t have to give it up; you can just accentuate it to give it a fabulous upgrade. This look is made up of just your regular ponytail, but the leather strap wrapped around it easily turned it into a high-fashion look.


12. Top knot

Close up of woman with dark honey blonde high top knot bun seen at Fendi SS19 runway show.
The top knot is no longer just reserved for the gym. Credit: indigitalimages.com

What better way to keep your long hair off your face than with a top knot. The much-loved gym hairstyle no longer needs to be reserved for sweaty fitness classes.

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13. Face-framing double half braids

hairstyles for long hair: Woman on runway with long dark brown hair with single corn down the centre and two braided pigtails. Woman is wearing a navy and black mesh sleeve crop top.
Braid lovers will love this long hairstyle. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This look is made up of two centre braids that feed into two braids that frame the face. Trust us, you need length for this look, which is why it’s such a great hairstyle for long hair specifically.

Part your hair in the middle and do a tight-fitting cornrow on each side. Stop braiding mid-length so the bottom half is slick and straight.


14. Half-up and tie

Long hairstyles: Woman with long brown straight hair styled in a half-up, half-down hairstyle with black ribbon. Woman is on the runway wearing a embellished dress.
There is no hair dilemma a ribbon cant solve. Credit: indigitalimages.com

For something quick, pull your hair into a small half-up section and then secure with a ribbon. It’s simple but has a lot of runway appeal.

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15. Barely-there braid

hairstyles for long hair: Woman sitting crossed legged on the floor with long wavy auburn red hair in a side loose braid ponytail while writing surrounded by books.
Lazy days cool for long hairstyles like this.

This look works perfectly if you have long hair. If you like showing off your length, this is a really cute alternative to wearing it down. Just do a deep side part, bring all of it to one side, over one shoulder, and braid the ends.


16. Milkmaid braids

Woman on Mara Hoffman fw15 runway wearing milkmaid braids. Woman is wearing a black long sleeve top with high neck and patterned body with large necklace.
They make look difficult but milkmaid braids are a doddle in reality. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’re thinking this is way above your braiding capabilities, we’re happy to say that even braiding rookies can create milkmaid braids. This is one of our favourite hairstyles for long hair because it needs a bit of length to neatly wrap around the head.

Get the look by creating two braided pigtails and wrapping them around the top of your head, securing with bobby pins where needed.


17. Sky-high ponytail

hairstyles for long hair: woman with sleek high ponytail and long dark hair
Source: Unsplash

Calling all Ariana Grande fans, to finish off our roundup of hairstyles for long hair, we have the show-stopping, sky-high ponytail much loved by the pop star herself.



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