Top 5 fuss-free men’s hairstyles

Looking for easy, fuss-free men’s hairstyles that don’t get all over our face and necks? The aim of the game (especially in the first few months of the year) is to rock ‘dos that are low maintenance and out-of-the-way — while still looking amazing. Because of this, many men default to a classic fade haircut. And it makes sense: this haircut meets all the criteria of a fuss-free hairstyle. But there are more options than just that!

Keep scrolling for our top easy-to-acheive men’s hairstyles, with not a single fade in sight.


Mini undercut

fuss-free men's hairstyles: Man with a curly ponytail and slick undercut
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The mini undercut is a great option for men who have long hair or are trying to grow out their hair. This simple, fuss-free men’s hairstyle will help keep the hair off your face and neck, without compromising the overall length of your locks. And because it’s a mini, you’re not shaving off as much as a regular undercut.


Textured top

fuss-free men's hairstyles: Man with a textured top hair
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Add extra interest to your look by keeping the sides short and playing with your hair’s natural texture on top. You could also add some curls with a small-barrelled curling wand if your hair is naturally sleek. Added benefit? This fuss-free men’s hairstyle suits most face shapes.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray - product image

Emphasise your hair’s natural texture, or add extra, with a texturising product. Simply spritz a bit of the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray and scrunch up your hair a bit. This will not only texturise your hair, it will also give it added definition and hold for this men’s hairstyle.


All natural

fuss-free men's hairstyles: Man with natural curly hair
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Why not fully embrace your natural curls and coils? And this isn’t a short-term fuss-free men’s hairstyle: it’s easy to maintain in the long run. So wash when you need to and air dry. That’s it! Here’s a simple haircare routine you can follow to keep your natural locks looking their best.


Lightened ends

Man with locks and a lightened ends
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Give your overall look an extra edge with colour. Feel free to go crazy with it, or keep it subtle with lightened ends. And because it’s just colour, this fuss-free men’s hairstyle will suit almost any haircut you have going on, like these modern locs.



fuss-free men's hairstyles: Man at the beach with a buzzcut
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One of our favourite fuss-free men’s hairstyles, the buzzcut is the best option for guys who want the lowest-maintenance look. Grow out a 5-o clock shadow, and you’ve got the complete Jason Stratham rugged look that everyone loves!

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