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Hair Colour

Looking to switch up your hair colour? Or just want add some radiance to your current shade with something subtle, like sombre or balayage? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Experimenting with hair colours has never felt more approachable, and with leading celebrities and beauty gurus alike constantly trying out the most coveted hues, it’s no wonder we’re all keen to change it up a little.

It’s no wonder we’re all keen for a change – and frankly, what better way to switch up your look than with a hot new hair color? From smoky gray hair (totally on-trend, FYI) to royal purples and even powdery pink, the sheer spectrum of colors to try have expanded – meaning there are endless possibilities. Not quite sure which colors will flatter your skin tone (and age)? Or what coloring techniques will work best for your chosen shade? Don’t worry: you’ll find everything you need to know about hair coloring here.

Read our detailed guides that’ll explain the key differences between warm toned colors and cooler ones. Confidently picking the most flattering colors that’ll enhance your skin tone and draw the spotlight to your best features will be something you’ll quickly master with our expert-approved tips and tricks at hand! What about the latest color trends? Whether it’s mermaid-worthy blue hair, hot-right-now rainbow hair or just sultry lowlights, we’ll give you the (not so) secret inside track into the hair color world to let you know which shades are in vogue. And most importantly, what about hair color maintenance? Our expert styling and upkeep tips will ensure your freshly-colored locks remain salon-perfect. (Hint: the trick is to switch up your products and make sure they’re color-care focused!)