8 Cool Short Haircuts for Older Men and Women that Aren’t Dated

Looking for cool short hairstyles? Check out these modern ideas for older men and women. 

Gone are the days when society dictates exactly how you should wear your hair when you get older. Today, more women and men are becoming increasingly comfortable with breaking the mold and letting go of hard and fast conventions. This includes everything from embracing gray hair to rocking cool short haircuts that aren’t typically thought of for the older set. Some of our favorite cool styles for older men and women include updated takes on short cuts that focus on an edgier look that’s modern and trendy while still being easy-to-style. Ready to try out a new cool short look? Read on to check out some of our favorite cool styles for short hair for older men and women that are anything but boring.

1. Combination of Teased/Texturized Style

cool short haircuts combed dark hair
The name of the game is flexibility. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Half the draw of choosing the right cool short hairstyles is the flexibility you’ll have. It might be counterintuitive to associate short hairstyles with flexibility, but hear us out. When cool short hair like this is brushed forward you can rock a more conservative and conventionally age-appropriate hairstyle. Backcombing the hair on the top of your head and at the front by your hairline transforms this into a chic and edgy style.

2. Classic Shag

a cool short haircuts salt and pepper shag
Revive an old favorite haircut in a modern way. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The phrase ‘cool short haircuts for women’ doesn’t have to be synonymous with finding a new hairstyle. We love how classic cuts, like this ’70s-inspired shag, is making a major comeback that allows you to embrace your natural texture as you rock a modern look.

3. Shaved Sides

cool short haircuts with a shaved undercut
Looking for cool hairstyles for short hair? Female fashion-forward trendsetters love the undercut. Photo credit: indigitalImages.com

Short hair is anything but boring as clearly evidenced from this longer length pixie and shaved sides. We love this chameleon-like style that manages to be both edgy and conservative, depending on how you style it. Shaving off the bottom half of your hair can feel terrifying. Knowing that you can comb the top half down to rock a pseudo bob may convince you to give haircut a try.

4. Upgraded Bob

cool short haircuts bleached bob
This is a super-easy way to upgrade a classic style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you prefer a more traditional style but still want to find a hairstyle that’s slightly cooler, opt for a sleeker version of a widely accepted style for older women. Section your hair off into a dramatic side part, then apply some of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum throughout your strands to smooth out any frizz or flyaways as you rock this chic and modern style.

5. Trimmed and Neat Strands

cool short haircuts white short hair and beard
Streamlined and neat is the way to go when you want to balance cool with age appropriate.

Combine a trimmed haircut and beard with a touch of styling product for a dignified style that still makes a statement. A small dab of Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel combed throughout the front of your hair will keep your strands looking styled without looking overdone.

6. Texture and Length

cool short haircuts grown out salt and pepper
Come to the longer side of short haircuts.

The shorter side of long hair holds more possibilities than you might think. There’s nothing like throwing established hair norms to the wayside and rocking a shaggier look with your grown-in gray strands. A soft surfer wave takes center stage with this haircut and this style takes another step in the easy going direction when paired with a trimmed beard.

7. Fade Cut

cool short haircuts gray fade
A salt and pepper fade is the best recipe for an easy, trendy and dignified style.

The classic fade is a cool short haircut taken to another level when you add a salt and pepper element to the look. Combing the longer strands on top towards the side adds a touch of elegance to this typically boyish style.

8. Comb Back

cool short haircuts gray slicked back
This styling trick will save you lots of time and money.

Grab a hairbrush when you hop out of the shower. Apply a dime-sized amount of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel to your hair and then comb it straight back. Let it dry in this shape and enjoy the benefits of a cool and sleek look.

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