4 Tips for Taking Care of 4A Hair Type in 2019

For springy curly girls.

4A hair is a hair type on the hair chart that indicates a very curly hair type—think tight coils. There are many women with 4A hair, primarily Black women, so it’s important to know how to take care of this hair type! Because of its tight coil shape, 4A hair can be easily dehydrated and damaged. When properly cared for with the right products and practices, this hair type is full of volume and beautiful, spiraled curls. Follow these tips to help maintain healthy, natural hair. Whether you have been a natural gal your whole life or you are transitioning from relaxed hair to your curls this guide can point you in the right direction, moisture!

4a hair tips
Tips to maintaining 4a hair.

4A hair can have a super fine or thick texture with an S pattern. As with most very curly hair types, it also tends to be extra dry. Maintenance of 4A hair revolves around keeping your curls moisturized and avoiding damage.

1. Shampooing

Since 4A hair is naturally dry and a texture that’s prone to damage if not moisturized well, make sure your shampoo is super moisturizing to pamper your curls. Suave Professionals Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo works to cleanse and penetrate your hair with moisture.

Before shampooing your hair, you may want to detangle with your fingers. After your hair has been fully soaked in the shower, gently detangle your hair from ends to root. This can help prevent your curls from getting matted while you shampoo your hair. Also, focus shampooing your scalp and roots only, the shampoo foam to gently wash through the middle to ends of your hair as you rinse.

2. Conditioning

We always recommend that dry, curly hair types should condition (or deep condition) after shampooing. Conditioners replenish the moisture that your hair needs to have springy curls, minus the frizz. To replenish your curls with moisture after shampooing, condition it by using Suave Professionals Moisturizing Curl Conditioner.

3. Daily Moisture

4A hair may need to be moisturized every day or every other day. You can use an oil if your hair is particularly dry. Coconut oil works well for adding moisture while you shape your curls because of its ability to penetrate the hair shaft, unlike most oils. If you need just a bit of moisture to refresh your curls, consider using serums for natural hair. You can apply as little or as much as you need to get your curls springy and frizz-free. Alternatively, opt for Suave Professionals Nourish & Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner for Natural Hair. You can use this whenever your hair needs moisture.

4. Pre-Sleep Care

To avoid frizz and breakage, sleep with your hair in a silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase. Cotton can pull and tug on your curls making more frizz! Silk and satin glide over your hair so not a lot of extra frizz can happen. You may find it helpful to protect your curls by sleeping with your hair up in a pineapple ‘do. Read our tutorial for pineapple hair, and try it yourself at home.