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How Can Serum Benefit Natural Hair?

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It may be the key to your best hair ever. 

Serum and natural hair should go hand in hand. It can tick a lot of boxes in your hair care routine. From adding moisture to frizz fighting to giving you shiny hair. Your average serum can scare people away because they can be too heavy for natural curls. Instead of avoiding them, choose products, like a creme, gel, or oil-based serum that can benefit your curls. Read on to learn more about how this wonder product can benefit your natural hair.

Benefits Of Serum On Natural Hair

Serum on natural curly hair
Serum is an awesome hair product that works to moisturize natural hair.

1. Moisturizes

Curly hair tends to run on the drier side, so keeping it well moisturized is important to ensure that it’s soft and manageable. Using serum as a finishing product will not only moisturize your hair, but seal in that moisture as well. We like the Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum that’s enriched with Omega-9 rich Buriti oil that’ll work to hydrate your strands in a creamy formula that won’t weigh your natural hair down

2. Defines Curls

If you want springy, defined curls, a gel-type product can get you there. Using the Suave Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum can provide you with the moisturizing benefits, too. The gel like texture is less slick or silky than your average serum. It is also less sticky and thick than your average gel. It’s basically the best of both worlds. Apply this product to damp or wet hair that’ll work to define your natural curls.

serum on natural hair
Using serum is a great product for your natural hair.

3. Frizz Defense

Keeping frizz at bay may seem like a never ending process of trial and error. Some products work well to beat the frizz but weigh down your hair. And some just don’t have the power to nix the frizz. Because serums usually have a silicone element, they will definitely lock in moisture while sealing frizz out. But, there can be the too much of a good thing issue too. Look for a creamy serum that will be more moisturizing than silicone silky, or try a serum-in-oil. The Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-In-Oil is a good choice because the oil component keeps it from getting too heavy. You’ll be left with frizz free moisturized hair for days.

4. Shine Boost

Although silicone, if overused, can weigh down hair, it also does amazing things for shine. To get the ultimate blindingly shiny hair, apply the product while your hair is dry. This is when you need to be extra careful just to use a little bit, too much and you can make your curls droopy. Rub just half to one full pump of your favorite serum through your hands and lightly bounce over your hair. If you really run your hands through your dry curls with the serum, things can deflate pretty quickly. Bouncing the serum on top only applies a little bit – but more than enough to amp up the shine!

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27 October 2016