10 Natural Hair Updos Ideas for the Summer Wedding Season

Effortless and elegant

As the days continue to get warmer, and the number of wedding invitations in your inbox continues to increase, you may be looking for cute and elegant ways to style your natural hair for all the summer weddings you will be attending. We are here to provide you with the cutest natural hair updos inspiration. 

Looking for ways to style your natural hair in an up-do for special occasions such as weddings this summer? Here are 10 hairstyle ideas for the summer wedding season. 

1. Clipped Back Natural Curls 

Wash and go with pearl hair clips
Clip your curls back with elegant pins. Photo & hair by @euniceasiedu

Want an updo without all the extra hair clips and hair-ties? This is the perfect opportunity to wear your curls in a wash and go style, and spice it up with elegant-looking hair clips like Eunice did in this photo. When wearing this style, try using the Suave Professionals Curl Defining Cream for enhanced shine, moisture, and curl definition. 

2. Side Cornrow & Twists Updo

Natural hair wedding bride bridesmaid hairstyle
This updo is so elegant it’s great for brides or bridesmaids. Photo & hair by @nellzlioness

This look is so unique and elegant that it is perfect for even brides and bridesmaids to wear. It can be achieved by cornrowing one side of your hair, twisting the remaining hair, and then tucking in the twisted hair with bobby pins until you achieve your desired up-do shape. Don’t forget to add elegant hair clips and jewelry to complete the look. 

3. Dressed-up Bantu Knots

Woman with natural bantu knot hair
Bantu knots are great for both formal & casual occasions. Photo and hair by @prisbeautyroom

Bantu knots are a timeless natural hair updo style that are great for a multitude of occasions. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with this neat updo. When styling your natural hair into bantu knots, try using Emerge Style Goals Gel to create a sleek look without all the extra stickiness or crunchiness that comes with using hair gels. 

4. Cornrow Bun Updo 

Girl with braided cornrow bun
An updo that is great for everyday summer wear including weddings. Photo and hair by/ @aa.stasia

Dress cornrows up by braiding them up, and holding them together in a bun. Not only is this a gorgeous updo to wear as a wedding guest, but also amazing for wearing as a daily summer style when trying to keep hair out of your face. 

5. Rubber Band High-Bun Updo

Girl with natural hair rubber band updo
The rubber band updo is a great alternative for cornrows. Photo and hair by @nielascurls.

If you like the look of the cornrow updo above, but want to spend less time creating the hairstyle, then try  holding your hair together in a rubber band updo. To achieve this style, band the front section of your hair together by adding more pieces of your hair as you go. Think of it as creating cornrows in your hair, but without the braiding. 

6.  Half-Up Locs Bun Updo 

Woman with locs in a half up style
Wear your locs in a half updo. Photo by Shawn Fields on Unsplash

For naturalistas with loc’d hair, this half up bun updo is a fun, easy to achieve, and gorgeous hairstyle that will perfectly complete any wedding-guest look that you plan on wearing this summer. This is a great look to west on hair that is not loc’d as well! 

7. “Slicked” Locs Updo

Woman with formally styled dreadlocks
“Slick” your locs for a cute formal updo. Photo & style by @iam.melanin.marie

Another beautiful way to wear locs is to create a “slicked” hair look. This can be achieved by parting your locks in one direction, and then wearing the rest of the hair back in a bun or ponytail. The beauty of this updo is that no hair gel is needed to slick your hair down. Like Bri’Ana, you can bring some pieces of your hair to the front and curl them to make them look even more formal for the occasion. 

8. Braided Front Puff Updo 

Afro Puff with braided front
Dress up a regular puff with braids. Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

Add some extra flair to your regular natural hair puff by creating a side-part, and braiding down single braids on each side of the parts. Use Dove’s Amplified Textures Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel to soften your coils and to have more ease when creating the braids in this updo. 

9. Side Swooped Puff Updo

Natural Hair Twist Out Afro Puff
The side-swept bang is a unique way to dress up the puff. Hair & Photo by @naturally.kai

Another beautiful way to wear your puff is to create a side-swept bang. To achieve this updo, braid or twist out your hair the night before. After unbraiding your hair, part and create the side-sweep before picking out your hair. Once your hair is in the swoop, hold it in a puff, then slightly pick out or comb your hair to your preference. 

10. Slicked Updo Bun with Cuffs

Slicked up natural hair bun with gold cuffs
This updo is fast and easy to do. Photo by Alexis Chloe on Unsplash

A simple yet classy way to updo your natural hair for a wedding is to start off by slicking up your hair into a regular bun. Afterwards simply complete your look by adding in cuffs for a pop of glamour in your hair-do. 

As we delve deeper into this year’s wedding season, remember that there are so many fun, cute, and creative ways to updo and dress up your hair, don’t be afraid to allow your natural hair to flourish this summer! 

Will you be trying out any of the natural hair updos featured in this article during the summer wedding season? Show us by tagging @AllThingsHairUS and for more hair inspo be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.

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