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Metallic hair accessories are the latest craze when it comes to hair trends, and this upgraded updo combines that awesome trend with hairstyles we’ve been seeing both on the runway and in street photography. This hairstyle incorporates a copper brushed metal wire accessory for an elevated and upgraded updo that’s both versatile and easy to create. It takes the classic low updo to the next level via a simple style with a lot of impact.

Creating an impressive updo on your own can be a difficult task, but adding a simple trendy accessory will make your job easier without sacrificing any intricacies. Keep reading for a quick step-by-step tutorial modeled by lifestyle blogger Louise Roe.

Get the Look: Cool Upgraded Updo

upgraded updo with Louise Roe create low ponytail

Step 1: Brush hair into a low pony.

Start off by brushing all of your hair back into a low ponytail and use a hair tie to secure it. Note: If you’ve ever been caught wondering where exactly to place your updo, consider tying it an inch or two above your collar. This is the perfect and most flattering height for a low updo.

upgraded updo spray hairspray on ponytail

Step 2: Use a hairspray to hold it in place.

Next, spritz an extra hold hairspray like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray all over the ponytail to hold your work in place. Take care to cover all of your hair with hairspray so that the entire style stays secure.

upgraded updo wrap accessory

Step 3: Wrap the accessory.

Hook the cooper wire around the base of the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail, then wind it all the way down to the end and hook it onto itself to hold it in place.

upgraded updo wrap ponytail into bun

Step 4: Create a bun and pin it in place.

Wrap the ponytail around the base of the style until you’ve created a low bun and secure pins around the entire bun to hold it in place.

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