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Semi-Precious: Why We’re All About Tiger Eye Hair Color

Can you say "check meowt?"

What’s fierce, fabulous and sure to turn heads? Tiger eye hair color, that’s what. We were recently clued into this awesome new hair color trend that, as the name suggests, mimics the markings on the yellowish-brown striped quartz it’s named after. A spin-off of previously beloved techniques such as ecaille (or tortoiseshell), tiger eye color includes rich honey and copper highlights that are majorly on our radars this season.

To learn more about this gem of a trend, we talked to hairstylist Corey Tuttle of Honey Artists, who first coined the term for Byrdie and tuned us all into what’s poised to be fall’s most in demand look yet. Read on:

Fall’s Hottest Highlighting Technique: Tiger Eye Hair Color

tiger eye hair color waves
Golden honey highlights on a rich auburn or brown base is what constitutes a tiger eye look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

All Things Hair: Hi Corey! Can you tell us more about tiger eye hair color?

Corey Tuttle: Based on the hues and tones of a tiger’s eye, this hair color has a distinct pattern of bronze, gold, caramel and even auburn shades. Tiger eye hair color is very similar in the shade and tone. When applied to the strands of your hair, instead of clearly demarcated lines, colorists apply the hues using the balayage technique, which is a beautiful blend that is perfect for brunettes.

All Things Hair: Why, in your opinion, is it considered the next big thing in hair color?

Corey Tuttle: This is a big trend in hair color because it gives you an option of adding warmth and dimension to your hair this season. [The gemstone] Tiger eye is also said to bring clarity into your life. It’s an ancient stone with healing powers, and is worn for protection and confidence—both in yourself, as well as in your colorist! It will add warmth and richness to your skin in those cold winter months.

tiger eye hair color curly balayage
Curls and waves are a beautiful way to showcase the nuances of this trend.

All Things Hair: What should you ask from your stylist? And is it possible to achieve this look at home, or is it best left to a professional?

Corey Tuttle: You should ask your stylist/colorist to hand paint or balayage caramel or bronze/gold highlights to the brown base color of your hair. The more random, the better, as this technique, if done correctly, can look very natural and grow out beautifully. I wouldn’t try this technique yourself at home; it’s best to trust your tresses with a professional.

All Things Hair: How should you take care of it at home?

Corey Tuttle: Take care of your new look at home with a mild shampoo for color-treated hair. Only wash your hair as needed. Follow with a moisture rich conditioner. Also try to do a final rinse with the coldest water you can stand, as hot water dries out hair and skin, leaving it dull. Cold water will not only help you keep your color, but also helps you keep your hair’s health and shine.

All Things Hair: What haircuts/hairstyles can look best with tiger eye color?

Corey Tuttle: This look can be adaptable to many hairstyles and cuts. The color looks beautiful on long, natural looking waves, and with straight hair it can look quite modern and graphic. A great look for long or mid-length hair, and for clients looking to change their look with a bold statement!

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