Bob Haircuts 2016: Bobs We’re Obsessed With This Year

The bob reigned supreme this year.

2016 isn’t over yet, but we can still take a stroll down memory lane highlighting our favorite bob haircuts from the year. From concave bobs to power bobs to inverted bobs, this classic pageboy style has made its way through the year with endless modern stylish options that we’re still swooning over today (and probably will be next year as well). Without further ado, we present to you our favorite bob haircuts 2016 round up.

Bob Haircuts 2016: 7 Bobs We’re Obsessed With This Year

bob haircuts 2016 power bob
Bob Haircuts 2016: The power bob. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Power Bob

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that means business, look no further than the power bob hairstyle. Next time you’re looking a new hairstyle for an interview, put this hairstyle at the top of your list

bob haircuts 2016 blunt bob with bangs
Bob Haircuts 2016: The blunt bob. Photo credit:

2. Blunt Bobs

Speaking of power, nothing screams upfront and direct more than a super sharp and blunt bob haircut. Whether worn asymmetrical, or balanced the look is extremely stylish and looks great on just about any face shape.

bob haircuts 2016 asymmetrical bob
Bob Haircuts 2016: The inverted bob.

3. Inverted Bob

One of our favorite face-framing bob haircut styles is the asymmetrical cut. To get the best out of this look though, maintenance is key. Keep your face-framing angles trimmed, neat and balanced.

bob hairstyles 2016 concave bob
Bob Haircuts 2016: The concave bob.

4. Concave Bob

Say hello to inverted bob’s sibling. Similar to the silhouette of the inverted bob, the concave bob has an inward cut that frames the neck and face. To give this bob hairstyle a fresh update, add soft curls to the longer lengths of the cut.

bob haircuts 2016 updo
Bob Haircuts 2016: Turn your short bob into a chic updo style.

5. Bob Updo

Going from long to short hair isn’t for the faint of the heart. Most women dread hairstyles that don’t allow them to throw their hair up into a bun when times get rough (a.k.a. bad hair days). However, as you can see from this bob haircut 2016 roundup, you can do just about anything to your bob like throw it up into this chic, fuss-free bob updo hairstyle.

bob hairstyles 2016
Bob hairstyles 2016: Flapper-inspired wavy bob Photo credit:

6. Wavy Bob

If the aforementioned bob updo didn’t prove to you just how versatile bob hairstyles really are. Check out this vintage wavy style.

bob haircuts 2016 faux bob
Bob Haircuts 2016: Not ready to make the cut? Fake it!

7. Faux Bob

And to wrap up the bob haircut 2016 roundup, we present to you: The faux bob. For those who still aren’t convinced, this style proves you can fake it till you make it.

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