How I Care for My Hair After Wearing Extensions: All of My Tips and Tricks!

Your hair is going to need some TLC after you take those extensions out

I absolutely love wearing my hair extensions. I started wearing extensions Sophomore year of college and have been in love ever since. Clip-in extensions allow you to switch up your length, fullness, and style in minutes. Caring for your extensions is really important to help them last longer and stay in beautiful condition, but the weight and clips of the extensions can also take a toll on your own hair. How I care for my hair after wearing extensions is crucial to help keep my own locks strong and healthy. I’ve got some wisdom to impart on all hair extension wearers who may have been neglecting their own hair after the clip-ins come out:

1. Brush your hair.

Before I remove my extensions, I like to gently go through my hair with a brush. It’s important to keep your strokes small, starting from the bottom of your hair. This will help remove some of the knots that formed from the extensions getting intertwined with your real hair. Now you can remove your extensions.

2. Apply a hair mask.

A hair mask is the most important step in how I care for my hair after wearing extensions. The clips from the extensions were just clipped in at the root of my hair and slightly pulling on my strands for the whole day. While I don’t feel any of this when I’m wearing extensions, I know it’s happening and my hairs need all of the replenishment they can get. I take a healthy amount of Bed Head by TIGI Recovery Treatment Mask and cover my hair for about 20 to 30 minutes for a major shot of hydration.

how I care for my hair after wearing extensions removing clip ins
Be gentle when removing your extensions!

3. Wash your hair.

Wash out the hair mask and move on to a refreshing shampoo and conditioner duo. Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Shampoo and Conditioner is a great pair for hair that has just undergone stress. These products detox your hair and bring back volume to strands that were weighed down for multiple hours.

4. Apply a serum.

I like to finish off by adding a serum to my damp hair and letting my locks air dry to give them a rest. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Smoothing Serum is the perfect choice to get sleek and soft hair and bring back radiant color.

If you fall asleep wearing your extensions…

how I care for my hair after wearing extensions braid
Braid your hair before bed if you’re going to fall asleep with your extensions.

…It happens! Don’t make sleeping in your clip-ins a habit, but every now and then you come home after a long day or night out and you know that taking your extensions out before crashing is simply not realistic. If you can, brush gently through your extensions to remove and knots that may have naturally occurred, you will be so grateful come morning. Another key tip: Braid your hair with the extensions into two braids. This will help avoid a rat’s nest to form while you sleep and keep the hair from getting tangled. The braids don’t have to be anything fancy, they just have to separate the hair enough to keep it knot-free.