how to care for hair extensions

How to Care for Hair Extensions: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Good hair extensions are built to last. Here's how you can help extend its life.

Buying a weave or hair extensions is an investment for many. Seriously! Finding a good hair extension brand that sells quality hair can be a hassle (there are so many on the internet!), and finding a great stylist to install the hair you spent half your paycheck on definitely can break the bank. However, there is a way to stretch your dollar so you won’t feel the burn as much and that’s by taking care of your hair extensions.

Quality hair extensions are designed to undergo wash, wear (and maybe some tear) over and over again. While it is definitely a great idea to purchase a fresh set when the life of your previous batch is over, you can also use a few of our tips below to help you extend the life of your current set. Read on as we unfold some easy hair care tips to help you better take care of your hair extensions:

5 Ways to Care for Hair Extensions

woman caring for hair extensions
Care for hair extensions: Mastering a few easy steps will enable you to better care for your extensions.

1. Clean with a shampoo.

Before you apply any shampoo to your weave or hair extensions, opt for formulas that have lower-sulfates, or none at all. While washing, skip the brush and opt for using your fingers to detangle. You want to prevent tugging the hair and causing it to fall out.

2. Safeguard your extensions from heat styling tools.

A lot of women get full-closure weaves, in which their entire hair is covered and protected by their hair extensions. While this is a great protective style, many forget that their weave is just as important as their hair when it comes to daily care and styling. When using hot tools, apply a heat protectant, especially with natural human hair extensions.

3. Avoid tangles.

When exposing your extensions to water whether it be during your at-home hair washing routine, on the beach, or in the pool, be sure to protect your hair from becoming tangled. For easy and cute swimming hair ideas, opt for creating a French braid or an updo to help you prevent a tangled mess after going for a dip.

4. DIY your hair color.

Our only tip for this: Unless you’re a professional at carrying out chemical treatments on any type of hair, we suggest allowing a colorist to color your extensions for you. Yes, there are many YouTube tutorials that can help you, but if you paid a lot of money on your hair extensions, save yourself from potentially spending even more to troubleshoot.

5. Use lightweight styling products.

Whether we have hair extensions or not, many of us love shiny hairstyles. After all, it is one of the hottest ways to wear your hair these days. However, too much shine from a product that has a thick consistency can cause your extensions to clump together, accumulate product build-up, and leave your hairstyle looking limp. Look for formulas that deliver shine without the extra weight to keep your weave hairstyles on the bouncy end of the spectrum.

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