7 Best Festival Hair Styles We’ve So Far in 2019

Tickets in the mail? Then we've got some scorchin' hot festival hair looks just for you.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or are on a social media hiatus), you’re probably well aware that we’ve kicked off festival season for 2018—and wow, has it been a trip so far! Unless you’re super-lucky enough to partake in person, expect to see your feeds inundated with the usual rotation of boho-punk desert wear, grunge-inspired festival hair and basically your average concert-goer super OTT with the accessories. Because, you know, what good is going all extra with your #festbest if no one sees it online?

Best Festival Hair Styles We’ve Seen

We put together a roundup of our fave looks thus far for all those still on a high from last year’s festivities (looks that still rock today, BTW), and especially for those gearing up for more events for the rest of the summer. If you’ve been waiting the whole year to finally get some mileage on those beach waves and neon locks, now’s your chance: Get those mermaid crowns and daisy chains on the ready! Ed’s note: Don’t forget to scroll on till the end for a tutorial on how to get  the most popular festival hair looks today:

1. ’70s Hat

festival hair with accessories
A floppy, retro hair accessory is a must-have during concerts. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

What exudes rock-and-roll glam—and punctuates that bohemian look—more efficiently than a floppy, wide-brimmed hat? Not only does this accessory shield your countenance from harsh desert-level UV rays, it literally helps you keep a cool head when temps get too intense. Pair this must-have with loose, wavy locks and some 1970s-inspired aviators.

2. Unicorn Waves

festival hair with neon waves
Curl your ends for added oomph. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
festival hair with peekaboo purple ends
Pick your fave color and dye your innermost layers for a fun peek-a-boo effect. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
festival hair with side-parted neon streaks
Wear with side-parted waves for a sexier, more seductive take. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
festival hair with wavy ends
Waves and dip-dyed ends? A match made in festbest heaven. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
wavy pink festival hair
Bright colors pop on darker hair too. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

Still not over it, and nor should we be! Concerts and poolside summer parties are the place to flaunt your dip-dyed ends in unicorn hues in all their unironic glory. Pink, purple and teal streaks hit a fever pitch a few seasons ago and is a trend that’s still going strong today. It’s also a look that hits its peak during festival season. Keep those waves from frizzing and wilting in the heat with a curl spray, like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Hair Spray.

pompadour festival hair
Jazz up that pomp with some concert-appropriate accoutrements (glitter roots!). Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
festival hair with blue glitter
A pomp has the added benefit of keeping sticky strands up and away from your face. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

3. Go Faux Yourself

fauxhawk festival hair
Stand out from the pack with a side-braided fauxhawk. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

Pomp, pomp, pomp it up! Fauxhawks and faux-pomps go beyond “borrowed from the boys” here, especially when elevated with some fun, strategic swipes of glitter. The look is part punk-rock edge, part peppy cheerleader, and we’re so totally on board. Wear hair in a half-pony to retain some flirty length around your shoulders, but still be flyaway-free (and non-basic) in the face. Keep your look in place with some hairspray, like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray.

4. Space Out

festival hair like space buns
Mirrored sunnies complete the rave-inspired look. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
festival hair with full space buns
Go the whole nine yards with a crown chain (and some glitter) on your buns. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
streaked festival hair in buns
Up close: Blue and purple streaks add some dimension to long, dark hair. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

Festival hair ain’t nothing without some space buns in the crowd. Culturally-lauded since forever, this club-kid fave also gained some runway cred in recent NYFW seasons with this much-copped half-up version. To achieve, take the upper half of your hair and split it into two sections. Twist each section into a bun and tie them off at the base with an elastic. Don’t forget your candy necklace or those super-clutch mirrored shades!

5. Mashup Braids

crimped festival hair braid
Work a half-braided crown at the back of your head for an updated half-updo. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
braided festival hair
The braid acts as a barrette too. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

Festivals are primetime braid time, but be slicker than the average with a half-updo braid mix that still seems cohesive and put-together. Start just right below your parietal ridge (a.k.a. your skull bump) and work a waterfall braid from above one ear, then switch to a regular three-strand braid in the middle, and finish it off above the other ear with another French braid to secure everything onto your scalp. (Also peep her adorable little accent braid!) Finish the ends with some crimping action to further accentuate some streaky ends.

6. Top Knot

festival hair top knot
Pile hair on the very peak of your crown for a true take on the style. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

A top knot? Always top marks. This fierce yet practical look will not be a hot-weather staple since it one, is basically a facelift in five seconds and two is a tried-and-tested sweat-proof look. To avoid any halo frizz and for a secure, bump-free base, run a wax stick, like Bed Head by TIGI Stick, onto your upper nape after you tie off your top knot.

7. Dutch Braids

dutch braided festival hair
Dutch-braided festival hair: Keeps you stylishly sweat-proof! Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI
festival hair with dutch pigtails
Snake down those built-in Dutches towards your nape, then continue as a regular Dutch braid till the ends. Photo credit: Bed Head by TIGI

The ever-popular Double Dutch look is undeniably in its element at a festival, and not just because it’s a foolproof way to keep sun, sand and sweat off of your ‘do. This grungy look has been massively going around the social media circuit and looks most at home when paired with a ’90s-inspired vibe, which is basically what festival looks are all about. Into cutoffs, combat boots, chokers and round-lens sunglasses? Then punctuate it all with this bumpy braided festival hair look, and you’re well on your way to being ‘grammed to your heart’s content.

How to Get Festival Hair with Nikki Phillippi

One of our fave ladies and resident Style it On hair gurus, Nikki Phillippi, gives us a fun step-by-step tutorial on her very own version of festival hair, a.k.a. Dutch braids (or, as she calls them, her “new favorite look”). Now, if you’ve ever been at a loss as to how to recreate this super-trendy, socially viral ‘do, look no further—she lets you in on her easy how-to, not to mention let you know which products helped get her there. Click, click:

All Things Hair YouTube Video

Peep the products she used to get the look, plus the product she says is an essential for those no-wash days:

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