Dark Romance: 7 Edgy Hair Ideas to Try for Valentine’s Day

Romantic looks for dark restaurant dates. 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start planning what you’ll wear and how you’ll do your hair! It’s half the fun of a Valentine’s Day date, right? If you’re more into edgy hair ideas, there’s no better time than this romantic holiday to tap into your personal style. Ready to rock the latest in hair trends for the day of love? Read on to see out top seven edgy hair ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1. Voluminous Half Updo

edgy hair looks voluminous half updo
Create loads of volume with a half updo.

Go for a flirty half updo style for your Valentine’s Day plans. If you’re going to create this look, make sure you go for volume! Start your half pony high up on your head and give it a profesh-looking finish by wrapping a small section of hair around the elastic to cover it up. Finish with a few spritzes of TRESemmé Pro Pure Volume Invisible Styler.

2. Pierced Braid

Edgy hair ideas: pierced braid
Add interest to a plain Jane look.

Is there anything quite as cool as pierced hairstyles? We love the simplicity and edginess of this pierced braid. This look is pretty quick, once you have the piercings to put in. You can order them online from many different stores, we recommend silver since it typically matches any outfit. To wear your hair piercings, just create a simple braid near your face. Secure at the end with a mini elastic, and get piercing!

3. Piece-y Bangs

Edgy hair ideas: piecey bangs
Subtly edgy. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

This is one of the more subtle edgy hair ideas. It’s not quite the spidery/layered piece-y look that you can create with bangs. Instead, this piece-y bangs look is much more subtle. You can create this style super easily both on freshly washed bangs or even easier with day-old bangs. Just brush your bangs with a wide-tooth comb and create the piece-y effect by adjusting where the hair sits on your forehead. You can take your comb with you on your date for any touch ups in the bathroom.

4. Modern Curtain Bangs

Edgy hair ideas: stylized bangs
Pair this edgy hairstyle with a blood red lip. Photo credit: indgitalimages.com

This is one of the ultimate dark romance looks, right? We love how totally simple, yet gorgeous this turned out. To create these sculpted bangs, you don’t need to chop your hair. In fact, it may be easier to achieve if you have extra long bangs or no bangs at all. Just apply TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel onto the hair you’d like to style. Then, take a fine-toothed comb to create bends in your hair. Pin the hair by your ears to secure in place. If you want to smooth out the comb marks, just lightly press down on your hair with a finger.

5. Center Part Braid

edgy hair looks braid curls
Go for a chic and edgy center braid.

We love how edgy this center braid is! Create a tight and neat Dutch braid in the center of your head for a cool take on a braided style. Finish by adding some beachy waves with a curler.

6. Glitter Pony

edgy hair glitter pony
Add a little glitter to your style.

How cute is this glitter pony style? Amp up the glitter in this style by spraying some TRESemmé Gold Glitter Spray.

7. Pieced Out Pixie

Edgy hair ideas: spiked up
Style your hair right up in the air.

For those with short hair, try out this cool piece-y and spiky look. You’ll need to use a hair wax to be able to keep this look standing all day. Just a few swipes of the Bed Head by TIGI Stick will do the trick! Apply the wax and style your hair upwards to complete the look.

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