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Debunking the #100Layers of Conditioner Challenge

Is the conditioner challenge game on or game off?

Unless you’ve taken a quick trip to outer space during the past month (please tell us how cool it was!), you probably have noticed that there’s a new beauty challenge going viral on the interwebs called the #100layers challenge. First, we’ve seen women apply 100 coats of nail polish onto their nails (ok confession: this looked like a cool sculptural beauty statement), then we’ve seen them apply 100 coats of foundation to their face, and now they’re applying 100 pumps of conditioner to their hair. Many have found that applying generous amounts of conditioner to their hair has worked in their favor— more moisture and better curl definition—which makes you want to go home and try the conditioner challenge yourself.

Before you turn this challenge into a Pinterest pin and share it with all of your friends, we’ve picked the brain of Unilever’s, Leon-van Gorkin to find out if this challenge is worth all of the hype. So sit back, scroll down and step away from the conditioner until you’ve reached the end!

The #100Pumps of Conditioner Challenge: To Join or Not to Join

conditioner challenge
Would you pump conditioner into your hair 100 times?

1. Will applying generous amounts of product help one retain definition or moisture to their hair?

100 pumps of condtioner is way over the amount of product one should be using. A person with highly textured hair can get away with adding a lot of product to their hair, but a person with fine hair will have hair that feels weighed down. Once the hair is saturated with product, applying more will eventually result in having product stick to your hands and not on your hair. We do not recommend this.

2. Ideally, how much product does one really need to achieve the look and feel of hair they desire?

This depends on the hair type. Highly textured hair may need more product, while a dime-sized portion of conditioner works for fine-haired women. We suggest you start with a little conditioner, and if you feel that you need more, then you should apply more.

3. Many are leaving rinse-out products like conditioner in their hair for this challenge, is this something you would suggest (and why)?

No. We’ve found that conditioner will be heavier on hair in comparision to a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners are optimized to give great conditioning.

4. Overall, can this 100 layers challenge be damaging to hair?

Applying 100 layers of conditioner isn’t damaging to the hair, but it will leave a sticky, weighed-down and heavy feeling to the hair. The hair won’t dry and it may feel wet and coated with product.

Editorial note: In other words, unless you plan on running to your drugstore to grab another bottle of your favorite hair conditioner (after buying a new bottle just three hours ago), or you love the feeling of weighed-down wet hair, we suggest you don’t fall for the hype and get in on this conditioner challenge. Remember, different strokes for different folks, the more textured your hair is the more conditioner you may need but start small and do not go past your limit.

An easy way to get around this is by using the right conditioner for your hair type, if you have highly textured hair opt for Dove Absolute Curls Ultra Nourishing Conditioner, and for fine hair, try Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner which provides moisture without weighing your hair down. And, if you do try this conditioner challenge, be sure to get it all out during your next wash with a clarifying shampoo.

Here’s a conditioner challenge for you. Give your hair the treat it needs, and stop making excuses! Learn how to deep condition hair on the go here.

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