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Cool Girl Braids are Your Favorite Braid Styles with an Edgy Twist

An effortlessly cool style that takes no time at all

Braids are a staple style with many variations to choose from to perfect your look. We love a good clean cut braid but recently we’ve been drawn to what we’re calling “cool girl braids.” This style is just like any other braid, but with a sexier twist that screams effortlessly cool and a little bit grunge. If you’ve already mastered the braid then giving it a cool girl twist will be no task at all. What’s even greater about this style is that it looks equally cool the next day. The grungier and looser the cooler your cool girl braids will be! Here’s how to achieve the style and the products needed to get the look:

The Secret to Cool Girl Braids

cool girl braids loose fishtail
Pull out some longer baby hairs to frame your face.

The secret to cool girl braids is focusing on adding in texture and volume during prep time. Once you’ve gotten your desired texture it’s key to focus on creating a looser braid. Prep your hair with a light texturizing spray that won’t over saturate your hair but will still offer some body and movement. Bed Head by TIGI Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray is the perfect product to build body in your hair that won’t deflate or make your hair feel crunchy.

Once you begin to braid, keep your braiding loose but not too loose that it begins to collapse before being secured.

Editor’s Tip: Don’t worry about the braid looking as loose as possible before finishing. You can go in and loosen it to your liking once it’s complete.

cool girl braids loose crown braid
Tug at the braid to loosen it for a worn-in effect.

Once the braid is secure, begin to gently pull at your hair to loosen the braid. While you’re loosening your braid, feel free to pull out some longer baby hairs to frame your face and give the style a more distressed and worn-in feel.

cool girl braids mini braids
Some frizz and texture will definitely step up your cool girl braids.

Embrace Your Frizz

This look is great for any style of braid that you can mess around with and loosen. It even looks great on smaller braids. With smaller braids, the focus will be more at the top of the head where volume can be created. We love this style for girls with a little bit of frizz as it will actually look sexier if you gently loosen the root of the braid and set some of your wisps and flyaways free.

cool girl braids long braid
Allow some bigger strands of hair to escape your braid for extra texture.

If larger layers of your hair won’t stay in the braid without securing, embrace it! We love seeing longer strands free of a braid to make the look more casual and laidback. If you’re going to keep your longer layers out of the style, give them some high shine with a spray of TRESemmé Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray for an added glossy effect.

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