Going Apple Picking Calls for a Perfect Hair Day

Who here doesn't also plan a social media photoshoot when apple picking?

When Fall is finally here I can’t help but get excited to go apple picking. There’s way more to it then just picking apples off a tree, there’s trying every flavor, finding the perfect type for the pie you’re making later, munching on apple cider donuts, and of course, a Fall-themed photoshoot. Maybe not everyone wants to admit it, but photos are inevitable and wanting to look cute for said shoot is not a crime! I already had my outfit in mind: couldn’t go wrong with my festive orange cardigan, but what was I going to do with my hair? After a little bit of unnecessary stressing, I decided to go with a look that’s simple and a go-to. Check out what I used for my apple picking hair look!

apple picking hair
Keep it simple and stylish!

Prep Hair

I knew that I was going to use a hot tool of some sort for my look. So, I needed a heat protectant. I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray is my holy grail pre-styling product. This spray keeps my hair safe from frizz and breakage and leaves my hair so soft after any kind of styling.


Next, I went in with my straightener. I didn’t want to completely straighten my strands because I wanted it to look semi-natural. So, I just did a quick comb through with my straightener to get rid of any excessive kinks and bed head.

Dry Shampoo Like There’s No Tomorrow

After I got my hair to a mostly straight but still textured kind of vibe, it was time to go in hard with some dry shampoo. I was working with day-two hair so I needed some help reviving the volume and removing of some oils. Dove Refresh+Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo is another must-have on my list. This dry shampoo does wonders when it comes to soaking up oils and giving me a freshly styled look. I love that it doesn’t leave yucky white residue on my scalp. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

My day at the orchard was perfect! The weather was just right: sunny with a cool breeze, and my apple picking hair look and overall style provided me with some much needed content for my social media!