This Glitter Runway Hair Look Is Perfect for Halloween This Season

We're definitely trying this for Halloween.

Do you remember when glitter roots were taking festival season by storm just a few summers ago? Everyone and their best friend was wearing the trend. Now, a new and elevated iteration of the look is on the runway and we are getting all the Halloween feels from the glitter runway hair look.

As we all may know, the fashion runway may not always give us beauty ideas that we can wear on a daily basis. However, none of the inspiration we come across should ever go to waste, ever! This glitter runway hair look is the perfect style for Halloween. Read on as we give some tips on how to get the look as well as the costumes to best pair with it:

If you’re wondering which costumes work best for this hairstyle, we think you can do it with just about any. We especially love it for mummy and vampire costumes. But whatever floats your boat is totally fine!

glitter runway hair halloween inspiration from Thom Browne runway
Glitter hair meets the runway. Photo credit:

How to Create the Look

There are many ways you can go about creating this look. No matter what you choose, the main highlight of the look is the glitter. Try this wrapped hairstyle from the runway by parting your hair from ear to ear. Comb the front section forward, then brush it around to meet the back. Brush the back section to meet the front in a clockwise motion. Apply a generous amount of hair gel, like TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel to mold your hair into place.

Once this is done, you can also use hair pins to keep your hair intact. Apply more gel to the surface of your hair and sprinkle your glitter on. Alternatively, you can pinch some glitter and sprinkle it into the gel, then spread it onto your hair.

glitter runway hair
Add a crimson red lip and dark eye makeup to create a vampy effect. Photo credit:

How to Remove Your Glitter Runway Hair

All good things come to an end. After partying all night long in your glitter runway hair, you’ve got to go through the process of removing it (unless you want to turn it into a work hair trend—let’s not.).

Due to the amount of gel you used in your hair to create the look, it’s best to use a clarifying shampoo like Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo to remove everything from your hair. Before this step, we recommend first rinsing your hair with an oil to help remove the glitter prior to shampooing. Using an oil like coconut oil or olive oil, apply it all over your locks in the shower, then rinse thoroughly. Follow up with your shampoo to remove the excess, then apply a moisturizing conditioner like Suave Professionals Deep Moisture Conditioner to hydrate your hair after clarifying. Once you’re done, you can dry and style your hair as usual.

If you go for this glitter runway hair look for Halloween then we know you’re going to be the talk of the night! Have fun and happy Halloween!

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