What’s In My Hair Today: Volume Shampoo

All Things Hair | 05 November 2016

Pump up the volume with this killer shampoo. 

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time trying to find some sort of magical solution for my super thin, limp locks. Oftentimes I find myself sulking from one volume shampoo to the next, super bummed that they didn’t deliver on their root-lifting promises. On one of my many quests for a shampoo that goes above and beyond, I discovered the Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and seriously haven’t looked back since. Keep reading to find out why!

Volume Shampoo Is the Secret to My Locks

volume shampoo and why I love it


First things first, I was drawn to this volume shampoo because it’s in a super vibrant purple tube–I mean really, who doesn’t love purple? Anyway, once I popped the top, the aroma instantly hit me and made me that much more eager to try it out to find out once and for all if it could deliver my locks from lifelessness.

Standing in the shower I lathered a half-dollar sized amount of shampoo in my hair. When I first got out of the shower my hair looked as it always does post-suds–wet and sagging. After it dried, I loved how it made my hair feel (and look) as my hair felt fuller with tons of body.

So what makes this volume shampoo different than the others? As you wash, it releases its innovative UPLOADER technology onto your hair to give you volume you can see and feel all throughout the day! I’m sold. And if you’re in search of a volume boost, I bet you will be too!

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