Shampoo Guide for Your Specific Hair Type

Serena Norr | 22 April 2016
shampoo hair guide for your hair type

Not all hair shampoo is created equally. Read on to discover your perfect blend for your hair type.

We all know how important it is to shampoo our locks to maintain overall hair health. But a good shampoo (and by that we’re talking about one that’s formulated for your hair type), can literally change your life. Okay, maybe not your entire life, but definitely alter the way your strands behave, wherein certain formulas can provide more moisture and nourishment to your locks than others. This can result in tame and frizz-free tresses that shine, bounce and look healthy. As you can tell, using formulas specifically designed for your hair type are really important (we promise!). Read on to discover some of our favorite shampoos for your particular hair type.

The secret to having great hair starts by using the right shampoo.

Shampoo For Your Hair Type

right shampoo for your hair type
Great hair starts by using the right shampoo for your hair type.

1. Curly/Wavy Hair

Oh, those curls. Sometimes you want to tame them and other times you want to let them run wild and free. No matter what your battle with your curlicues is, there’s no denying that they need nourishment. While you hair type can probably skip a wash or two, wavy and curly hair types benefit from shampoos that can hydrate dry strands and provide moisture to keep hair frizz-free. Try the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo whose formula can help hydrate and nourish your curly or wavy hair.

2. Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can happen to the best of us. As a matter of fact, we’ve been there in the quest for stylish, unique looks by trying color, the latest heating tools, or simply leaving our ponytails in too long (isn’t it just easier that way sometimes?). But over time this behavior can come back to haunt us all, resulting in hair that’s dry, damaged or broken down. To revive your tresses, find a formula that can infuse nutrients and moisture to the hair shaft while helping to change its structure. Generally, this is seen in keratin treatments, which uses a protein that works from the inside out to make your locks stronger and less susceptible to damage. Try the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo whose formula works to repair the internal structure of the damage so it can resist breakage. Plus, your hair will feel super soft, smooth and be more manageable.

3. Fine Hair

Fine-haired gals crave volumizing products in order to give their locks a boost. A volumizing shampoo is your best bet, and it works to get more moisture into your hair as it lifts the roots. Some formulas can also control static and flyaways, delivering an adde dose of shine and softness. Try the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volumizing Shampoo that can help you get some control on static and flyaways, enabling your hair to be soft and voluminous!

4. Straight Hair

Often dubbed as the “normal hair type,” straight-haired gals still need some love to maintain their healthy composition. Look for formulas that nourish as they clarify build-up and clean the hair from within. Try the NEXXUS Therappe and Humectress Step 1 Rebalancing Shampoo whose formula cleanses hair while providing it with nourishment.

5. Color-Treated Hair

Just like damaged hair, you will need a powerful shampoo to revive your colored—and probably damaged—locks. Opt for a shampoo formulated for your hair color to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. You can also use color-treated shampoos that can help protect your fabulous new shade in between color touch-ups. Try the Clear Color and Heat Conqueror Shampoo whose formula can help to provide moisture to your scalp as it helps to repair damage.

6. Textured Hair

In general, thicker, textured hair types need more moisture to revive their strands and scalp, since they likely undergo less washing and more hair maintenance. Products like dry shampoos are probably your hair BFF, and if not, they definitely will be. A dry shampoo spray or powder soaks up oils and grease naturally found in hair, giving you a little bounce and movement in the process. Try the Dove Detox + Purify Dry Shampoo whose formula can refresh your hair as it soaks up your second-day (or third-day) hair oils and grease.

Treat your tresses with the right hair care products for nourished, moisturized and super silky locks. And don’t forget to use the same conditioner for your hair type, that when used as a system, will really have you reaping some benefits.

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