oil treatment with Suave Coconut Oil Damaged hair treatment

What’s in My Hair Today: Suave Coconut Oil Damage Repair Oil Treatment

It gives me silky hair in one little pump. 

I love using an oil treatment in the winterIn particular, I am a fan of coconut oil for almost everything! I cook with it. I use it to remove makeup. But most of all I use it as a hair mask. Seriously, my whole apartment always smells like coconut. Can you say yum? I love coconut oil because nothing puts shine into my hair quite like it. But real talk, it’s kind of a pain to apply and wash out. I only take the time to do a coconut oil hair mask or coconut leave in conditioner once or twice a month.

Since I’ve noticed my ends getting dryer, I wanted an oil treatment that would give the same effect as coconut oil without all the fuss. Enter the Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment. Read on to see how this coconut oil treatment works for me.

Suave Coconut Oil Damage Repair Oil Treatment is Helping Me with Damage

oil treatment from Suave solves dry damaged hair
Shiny hair that is also manageable? Consider it done. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

1. Issues with Heat Styling

As a result of growing my hair out and cutting my bangs, my styling routine has completely changed. I’m spending much more time with my hair dryer and flat iron. Now, I heat style nearly every day, as opposed to once or twice a month. With all of this heat styling, I’ve found that my hair is a lot drier.

suave coconut oil damaged hair treatment
Because of the coconut oil, this lil’ cutie is giving me soft and swishy hair.

2. How I Use the Suave Coconut Oil Treatment

Due to almost two months of heat styling, my mid-lengths and ends were starting to show the damage. I have no luck when it comes to hair damage, I tell you. Dry and scraggly ends are not cute, so I started using a coconut hair product, specifically Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment. I simply apply it on my wet hair in addition to the heat spray, before blowdrying.

Since it is lightweight, I find that I can use it every time after I wash my hair. I love how it coats my hair and smooths my rough cuticles. Another huge bonus for when my hair is dry is that is tames flyaways and makes my hair really shiny! A simple and affordable drugstore find, I love how my hair is finally smooth and manageable again.

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