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What are the Hair Oil Benefits for Damaged Hair?

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With all the heat styling, bleaching and general wear and tear, it’s no wonder why our hair can easily get damaged and dry. Luckily, there are tons of innovative products like hair oils that offer hair oil benefits to help encourage our hair to both look and feel healthy. Hair oils are a must-have for damaged hair as they work to restore moisture to dried out ends while also adding a layer of protection to worn out locks. They also work really well at making sure your damaged hair can bend, which is pretty critical. Read on to learn more about the hair oil benefits for your damaged hair.

Hair Oil Benefits: Nourishing Hair With Moisture

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Hair oils can really add shine to your damaged hair. Photo credit:

1. Oils can hydrate your scalp.

Oils are awesome for hydrating your hair. To reap its benefits, use hair oils as scalp moisturizers by using a dollop or so of your favorite hair oil. Tab them onto your fingers and massage the oils into your scalp. We just love this hair oil benefits as it helps to stimulate your scalp (much like a good hairbrush), which is helpful for your scalp health.

After massaging the oil onto your scalp, let your skin soak in the moisture. It’s super helpful for people with dry scalp problems, which is pretty much all of us during winter. Let the oil soak in for as long as you feel comfortable, you may not want to do this one as an overnight treatment though. Too much of a good thing could lead to clogged pores if you leave the oil on too long. When you’re done soaking in the moisture, shampoo and condition the oil out of your hair.

2. Oils can moisturize damaged ends.

Hair oils can also be used to hydrate your hair. Hair is essentially made of dead cells, but keeping them hydrated means they’ll look shiny! Plus, if you have damaged hair, adding in moisture can help to give your hair some much needed bend. Dry, damaged hair can tend to be brittle. So, by using hair oils and moisturizing your ends, you can help to prevent breakage due to brittle hair.

This can also be super helpful if you find that your dry, damaged hair is harder to style. If you feel stuck with ends that stick out and ruin sleek styles, try using hair oils! Hydrating those ends can help you to get a gorgeous smooth look.

3. Protection from the environment.

Not only do hair oils hydrate your hair and scalp, they also coat the outside of the hair. This helps to give dry and damaged hair extra protection from the environment. Sure, oily ends aren’t necessarily what you may want to wear all the time, but even using just a little bit of oil on the middle to ends of your hair can have a protective effect. You shouldn’t use plain oil as a heat protectant, but it can definitely help to protect your hair from the wear and tear of life.

4. Some hair oils to try.

One D.I.Y option that pretty much everyone has these days is coconut oil. Not only is it easy to use, it works to penetrate and hydrate your hair from the inside and outside. For a coconut oil option that doesn’t leave you with greasy hair, try out the Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment. It helps to smooth out your cuticles, cutting down on frizz and make your hair shiny. For color-treated hair, try out the S Factor By TIGI True Lasting Colour Hair Oil that’ll help to add shine while also working as a heat protectant.

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13 December 2016