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The Only Summer Hair Mask You Need (And It’s Under $10)

The multi-tasking hair mask you need. Stat.

In preparation for summer we’ve been emptying out our makeup bags and packing away our hot tools. The warmer seasons are all about TLC for our hair and our skin and when the weather warms up we like to take the approach that less is more. Leaving the sparkly eye shadows and heavy creams and powders behind is the best way to lighten up as the sun comes out. In an effort to pare down and make the most of fewer products, we’ve been on the search for the ideal summer hair mask. In our minds, the ultimate summer hair mask multitasks and does the job of multiple products at the same time. One of our favorite picks seamlessly takes the place of a shelf full of products and you can find it at the drugstore for under $10.

The Only Summer Hair Mask You Need

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Give your hair a breather this summer.

The beauty industry is exploding with skin and hair masks and it seems like there’s an option for every dilemma you might be experiencing. While there are some occasions when it’s important to find a product that targets your specific needs, there are other times when a one-size-fits-all magical product can work wonders. That’s exactly how we feel about this summer hair mask and we know you’ll feel the same.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Mask is a hair treatment that is enriched with keratin. While some women opt to have a keratin treatment done (especially in the warmer more humid months when frizz is more of an issue), other women don’t want to put their strands through a chemical process. Instead, they opt to incorporate a keratin product into their routine in the form of a hair mask for many of the same benefits without any of the stress on their hair.

In fact, this summer hair mask does just the opposite. This formula is enriched with keratin that’s built to nourish each and every hair. After washing and conditioning your hair per your usual routine and combing this mask through your strands you’ll immediately notice a difference. This mask makes some big promises and it delivers: your hair will be softer, full of movement and will be less prone to frizz after just the first use.

Let your hair breathe this summer and depend on this keratin mask to keep your strands in check while you give them a break from the hot tools. Not only will you be inflicting less damage on your locks, you’ll also be wearing the softest and strongest strands of your life come September.

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