Using Leave-In Conditioner In Your Post-Summer Hair Routine

Alyssa François | 22 August 2016

For a moisturized feeling no matter what.

Using leave-in conditioner in your summer hair routine may be your ticket to starting off Fall with luscious hair. All season long your hair probably took a huge beating from chlorine, UV rays, humid conditions and more. Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to restore and prep your hair for the upcoming season.

We’ve explained how leave-in conditioner can benefit your hair; now it’s time to actually put it to use. Since leave-in conditioners help keep your hair feeling conditioned post-wash, we’re breaking down how you can seamlessly add them into your hair care routine. Read on to find a super simple weekly regimen to using leave-in conditioner.

Tips for Using Leave-In Conditioner for Summer Hair Concerns

spa day at home starts in the shower
After washing and conditioning your hair, use a leave-in conditioner for extra conditioning throughout the week.

Day 1: Wash day

For hair that feels parched, rough and brittle, wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We’re into Suave Professionals Natural Infusions Moisturizing Shampoo With Macadamia Oil and Suave Professionals Natural Infusions Moisturizing Conditioner With Macadamia Oil  for their hydration purposes. Towel dry hair until damp, then apply a leave-in conditioner and style as usual. If you’re going to heat-style, opt for Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner to guard your hair against heat damage.

Day 2: Daily styling

Your hair is still clean from your wash day routine so no need to shampoo again. Instead, focus on retaining moisture, reducing frizz and keeping your hair healthy-looking. When styling, consider using a styling oil to add shine like Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-In-Oil. Apply one pump to dry hair before or after styling.

Day 3: Add moisture using leave-in conditioner

As the days go by, hair tends to become dry due to environmental factors, styling tools or simply from not having an effective nighttime routine in place like sleeping on a silk pillowcase to prevent dry hair or breakage. If your hair feels dry, this is where your leave-in conditioner can come to the rescue. Spritz hair with water then apply a few coats of a leave-in like Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Headress Leave In Conditioning Crème onto hair to seal in moisture.

using leave-in conditioner high ponytail
Refreshed and hydrated hair feels and looks healthier. Photo credit: Dvora

Day 4: Refresh your hair

By this day, many struggle with oily, weighed-down, and greasy-feeling hair. Some may choose to wash their hair, but using a dry shampoo can save you some time. Spray Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo at the roots of your hair to refresh your locks. If this isn’t the case for you, moisturize hair again if needed and be sure to sleep on a silk pillowcase to protect hair from knots and breakage.

Day 5: Wash

Some may not need to wash their hair until day six or seven; on the other hand there are those who may need a hair wash by this day. This can vary based on your lifestyle; whether you workout often, style daily by using a variety of different hair products or if you have greasy hair by nature. If you’re in need of a wash, repeat the wash day routine from day one and don’t forget your leave-in conditioner. If not, style as usual and add moisture if needed.

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