New Brand Alert: ApotheCARE Essentials

Eunice Lucero | 03 November 2017
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Unilever’s inspired new addition merges Old World alchemy with modern-day innovation.

What do you get when you mix traditional apothecary wisdom and cutting-edge modern science? ApotheCARE Essentials knows the answer, and it lies deep in the heart of all of its carefully curated products. The newest addition to Unilever’s growing personal care family spotlights a meticulously crafted portfolio guaranteed to impress any beauty aficionado, and if the offerings out now are any indication, we’re all in for a treat.

ApotheCARE Essentials: Old School Ingredients, New School Science

The name alone is enough to spark fascination, conjuring up images of Old World medicinal dispensaries and chemists who expertly alchemized both herbal and chemical remedies of yore. ApotheCARE Essentials takes this highly scientific, traditional approach and brings it to deliver optimized beauty solutions for current concerns: From its satisfyingly minimalistic “Neo-Apothecary” theme—think modern pharmacy chic, complete with dark bottles evocative of protective amber prescription glass—to a refined, detail-oriented composition method, specifically called the Advanced ApotheCARE Approach, it takes obsessively curated blends into modern, and yes, even Instagrammable territories.

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Carefully selected ingredients, a phyto-extraction technique and a slow infusion process

The exclusive three-step ApotheCARE Approach begins with precise selection of signature natural ingredients, different for each range (geranium and lavender are some of the standouts). It then uses phyto-extraction to obtain the essence of six plants to form the brand’s unique Phyto-Blend, incorporated into the base of each product. All formula ingredients are then finally slowly blended for optimal quality. The result? A one-of-a-kind, premium in-shower experience.

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A new—and user-friendly—classic

ApotheCARE doesn’t come at you with amorphous promises or an aggressive “all-natural” stance. It’s about science-driven solutions tailored to your individual needs, and suffice to say we’re enjoying the straightforwardness: Products like The Mender Shampoo and Conditioner (for damage), infused with coconut milk and Vitamin E, provide a holistic and accessible option for real-life hair issues. For the everyday gal, it hits the sweet spot—a contemporary brand with an old-school sensibility—and yes, that all-too-important look and feel as well, in case you’re also all about the #shelfie.

No-compromise hair care

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A focus on meticulous product composition is the hallmark of ApotheCARE Essentials, and we’re completely on board with its charming “beauty is in the details” vibe. The ApotheCARE Approach aims to give your hair precisely what it needs, be it bouncy volume, frizz protection or hydration, as shown in their aptly-named lines—The Booster, The Mender, The Replenisher, and soon to follow, The Colorist each succinctly address our most common hair issues, with little to no fluff. It’s the sexiest, most elegant combo of nature and science we’ve seen so far, and we can only hope this cool, tradition-meets-innovation take sparks a bright new movement in hair care.

ApotheCARE Essentials is available at CVS and Wegmans.

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