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What’s Scalp Scaling and How it Leads to Luscious Hair

A healthy scalp always means healthy hair.

Scalp scaling is a scalp treatment that is a large part of Korean hair care. According to Korean hair care experts, hair health and the overall look of one’s hair starts at the scalp. If your scalp is not healthy, your hair won’t look like it. To truly have healthy, strong, and shiny hair, you must start at the scalp. Ahead, see everything you need to know about scalp scaling and be prepared to take your haircare routine to the next level.

Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Scaling

Learn all about scalp scaling and how it can benefit you!

Scalp Scaling: The Path To Shiny & Strong Hair

scalp routine cleansing
Achieve your cleanest scalp with scalp scaling

What is scalp scaling?

So what is scalp scaling? Scalp scaling treatments are just a thorough deep cleansing of the scalp using various products. Some treatments include steaming, scrubbing (or exfoliating), and washing. But, when you enter scalp scaling into Google, it leads you to dermatology pages describing scalp scaling as a condition.

Know that, yes, this is a skin condition, much like dandruff with flaking and irritated skin, but we’re talking about cleansing your scalp and renewing your hair in this instance. Scalp scaling takes care of these conditions and helps to remove toxins and pollutants from your scalp. This helps the hair follicles grow strong and healthy, giving you the best hair.

Who would benefit from scalp scaling?

In Korean hair care, anyone could need a scaling treatment. The belief is that anytime your hair comes in contact with anything hard or harsh, you need a scalp scaling treatment like rain because it contains pollutants after passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, exposing the hair to toxins and persistent pollutants. But maybe you want to try this treatment just to have a deeper cleanse, and that’s ok too. Scaling treatments are used for many reasons, and providing a deep cleanse is why it’s continuously sought after.

What are the benefits of scalp scaling?

After the treatment, your hair is immaculate—free of buildup and toxins and feels light and renewed.  After all the damaging pollutants are washed away, your scalp and hair roots can breathe and thrive. When there is nothing in the way of the scalp irritating, the hair grows abundantly and strong. But, if you are only washing your hair, you’re only hitting the surface (literally). Washing your hair removes surface-level dirt and grim and most hair products, but it doesn’t go any deeper and doesn’t remove packed on excess oil, sebum, and build-up.

There can also be clogged hair follicles that washing alone can not take care of, but a deeper treatment (like scaling) will. Clogged follicles are another damaging condition that the scalp experiences. Hair doesn’t grow full and voluminous when this happens, and the scalp stays inflamed and irritated.

Additionally, it helps to soothe and calm irritation and inflammation, which causes dry scalp.

How Scalp Scaling Works

scalp cleanse woman brunette washing hair
Truly cleanse your hair before the seasons fully change.

A typical Korean scaling treatment usually takes around 90 minutes to complete. Now, the process begins. First, your hair will sit under a steam machine so that the pores in your scalp are fully open, making removing excess pools and sebum easier. The next step in this process requires a specialized gelt that removes dirt, oils, and tomorrow impurities like flaking skin on the scalp. Then, a tool like an unsharp scalpel removes the gel and the residue left over from the scalp. The last steps involve a scalp massage followed by a hair wash.

Can You Do It At Home?

If you choose to do a scalp scaling treatment at home, familiarize yourself with the process. Then, ensure you have the right tools to complete the process. You will need: 

  • A gentle steamer to steam the scalp with
  • A scalp scaling tool
  • A thick gel or scalp exfoliant
  • A deep cleansing shampoo such as TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Shampoo
  • Any treatments like a moisturizing hair oil that you can apply faster the treatment

How to Do Scalp Scaling At Home

1. Assemble all of your products and tools in one space to easily access them. If you’re trying this at home, the most important tip is to have a steamer that won’t burn your skin and scalp when steaming your hair.

2. After streaming your hair, apply the gel to remove the dirt and grime from your hair.

3. Use your tool (an unsharp object) to scrape the gel and residue off your scalp. If you can’t find a tool, a brush or come will do anything that works the product into your scalp.

4. Follow with a gentle scalp massage and a thorough and in-depth wash. Then apply your favorite scalp or hair oil to add another dose of hydration.

Editor’s Tip: The key is to work the products deep into your scalp and work it through it vigorously for a few minutes—don’t rush the process!

Other Approaches To Scalp Scaling

If you don’t have all the tools necessary for a full scaling experience, you can always make your routine that fits your needs. Steam your hair; instead of a gel, use a scalp exfoliator. The exfoliator will help to loosen up build-up and products that clog the pores in your scalp. The Nexxus Scalp Inergy Gentle Exfoliating Scalp Scrub removes residue with micro-exfoliating sugars and moisturizers. It will loosen up the buildup and any dead, dry, and flaking skin. Again start by using your fingers to massage the product into your scalp, and then move it through your scalp with a brush or a comb.

You can still condition your hair after you wash it in case you need added hydration. The conditioner will add extra softness and shine to your hair after the exfoliation and deep wash. This Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care Moisturizing Conditioner adds a spa-like ambiance to your scalp scaling treatment. It repairs strands at their deepest level and throughout the cells of your hair. The vitamin B3 leaves your hair feeling extra soft and refreshed. Follow the conditioner up with a soothing scalp oil or essence. Castor oil works great here and is easy to source.

The Bottom Line On Scalp Scaling

Scalp scaling treatments is an excellent hair care step that you can apply to your weekly (or monthly) routine. The treatment builds healthier hair and provides visible results like shining hair, soft, fresh, and fortified. After consistently doing the treatment, you will notice fewer split ends and breakage, and your hair will look more vibrant. The treatment is suitable for those struggling with dandruff, scalp psoriasis, inflation in the scalp, and dry scalp skin. If you don’t want to do other treatments weekly, set a date and complete it once or twice a month. This is an excellent way to ensure that your scalp isn’t overloaded with products and residue. It will give it a fresh start month after month and rid the scalp of toxins harmful to your hair.


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