How To Use Hair Cream For Men: A Complete Guide

All Things Hair | 21 August 2016

The basics on hair cream and how it can define your style.

Brilliant for boosting hydration and keeping frizzy hair in check, it’s wonder so many guys are getting in on the hair cream bandwagon. As a basic primer, styling creams are typically used for styling and know for their ease of use. Hair creams typically work to smooth out your hair as they define your style, which can be a major time-saver if styling really your thing. Read on to discover more of its many uses in our hair cream guide that’s sure to help you discover more about this awesome product for men’s hair.

Hair Cream For Men: A Basic Primer

hair cream for men's hair
Hair cream can really help you to define and hold onto your style. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Not too thick or too thin, hair cream is typically less sticky than gel or hair wax, which some guys find easy to deal with. Instead of being a solid, like a wax or tacky, like a gel, styling creams are thick and typically work well with all hair types, whether it is course, thick or those who simply have a lot of hair. Hair cream is especially effective for men that have curly or longer hair such as the Axe Natural Look: Softening Cream that can help you to define and boost your curls or natural wavy without weighting down your hair.

How To Use Hair Cream

For optimum results, towel dry your wet hair. Then apply a dollop of cream such as the Axe Natural Look: Understated Cream to your hair to the palms of your hands and rub together. Then run the hair cream through your damp hair, from the back to the front, evenly covering all of your hair with the cream and style as desired. This formula will also help you make your hair soft as it gives you a light hold. You’ll also find that creams can help you tame fizzy hair and flyaways in addition to giving you some awesome definition.

Similarly, you can also use a molding cream for your hair.  These work well for men that have either straight or fine hair. The foundation for this product is a combination of cream and wax, there are many wax variants but most include beeswax. These are water-soluble and easily wash out the hair, so can be used daily. Plus, unlike straight creams they add medium hold, as well as some shine. Try out the TRESemmé  Max the Volume Root Lifting Cream to help achieve some amazing texture and definition to your hair. Hair cream is also great for achieving a range of cool hairstyles that can be used to slick back the hair or the classic messy hair look.

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