10 Vintage Short Hair Styles that Still Slay Today

These beloved vintage short hair looks still have a place in our hearts... and on the runways.

Retro is always cool; whether you’re channeling the 30s or the 90s, short hair can turn into vintage short hair that lets you express your own personal style. All you need is some product and a little bit of time, and you can make your pixie, lob or bob into standout vintage short hairstyles. Get ready to fall in love with 10 ways to wear vintage short hair:

vintage short hair mod pixie
Flower Power.

1. ’60s Mod Pixie

Back in the 1960s, Carnaby Street in London was the headquarters for fashion and beauty trends. A famous British model had sported a highlighted pixie and the next thing you knew, everyone was copying her look. Go for ’60s vintage short hair flower power glam with a side-parted pixie with foiled highlights. Get super shiny hair with Catwalk by TIGI Camera Ready Shine Spray.

vintage short hair 80s curly bob
Bring out the mirror ball!

2. ’80s Curly Bob

Grab a pair of jazz shoes, throw some double denim and get into the groove with this vintage short hair curly bob. How to get bouncy retro curls? Follow our tutorial on how to use a curling iron on short hair. When styling your curly ‘do, spritz on Nexxus Comb-Thru Finishing Mist, as it helps keep curls bouncy all day and night.

vintage short hair the DA
Slick back and sides.

3. ’50s Ducktail

Back in the day, the ducktail was the go-to hairstyle for edgy gals and guys. Now, it’s a quick (and yes, chic) way to style your pixie—whether on curly or straight hair. It’s a vintage short hairstyle that looks runway ready. How do to it: Slick back the sides with TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel, so strands are tight and close to your head. Then take a small amount of gel, comb through the crown of your head and finger-comb the strands into staying upright, so you have volume on top.

vintage short hair 70s wavy lob
Girl power.

4. ’70s Career Wavy Lob

In the ’70s, women were entering the workforce in huge numbers. Instead of being regulated to assistant positions, these women were financial analysts, scientists, accountants—name a field, and women broke down barriers. They wanted hairstyles that suited their increasingly busy lives, but didn’t want to sacrifice style. The wavy lob was a great comprise: The shorter length perfect for stuffy offices, and the waves were feminine but controlled. This may be a vintage short hairstyle, but it looks super modern, doesn’t it?

vintage short hair finger waves
Fingers can create sexy waves.

5. ’30s Finger Waves

In the ’30s, women would add style to their hair with finger waves. Nowadays, you can add finger waves to pixies, lobs and bobs. Here’s how: When hair is damp, comb through a strong styling gel like Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel. Create a side part. Then create a section, or sections, of hair that you want to wave. Now for the fun part: creating the finger wave! Use your fingers or a comb to shape an “S” wave with your hair. If you can or want to, make two or more “S” waves within that one section of hair.  Once hair is molded into the “S” or “S’s” that you want, use bobby pins to keep strands in place. Set the style with a strong hold hairspray.

vintage short hair pageboy
So fresh.

6. ’60s Pageboy

Watching movies made in the ’50s, ’60s, and early ’70s, you’ll see some women wearing what looks like a long lob. However, this lob is styled curled under or flipped up. That’s the pageboy. When it first showed up in the ’50s, some considered it to be super sexy and modern. To recreate the style, blow-dry hair with a round brush, using Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse for volume, shine and hold. When hair is dry, spray on TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray on hair and let dry. Then, following our tutorial on how to use hot rollers, curl hair under (or over) with rollers. Wait until rollers are cool to the touch and uncurl. Comb hair and go.

Vintage Short hair 90s bob
Grunge and go.

7. ’90s Bob

Influenced by grunge, ’90s bobs and lobs were unstructured, messy and relaxed. To re-create that piecey style, when hair is almost dry, add S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax onto hair sections that you want to stand out. Work the molding wax into hair, and then play with the pieces until you get the look you desire.

vintage short hair the rachel
Perennially cute.

8. ’90s Rachel

The style that won’t go away! Why? Because these layered bob is simple adorable! It’s easy to style and looks just as sexy, great and just as fun now as it did when a certain TV show debuted.

vintage short hair 80s spiky pixie
Punk out.

9. ’80s Spiky Pixie

You love rock and roll and your hair shows it! Spiky, punky pixies defied gravity and the establishment in the ’80s. Give your pixie edgy style with a spike here and there. Using Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Cream helps give your spikes gravity-defying powers.

vintage short hair 20s jazz baby
Do the Charleston.

10. ’20s Jazz Baby

A blunt cut bob that is stick straight, thanks to a flat iron, channels ’20s jazz babies.

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