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Modern Princess-Inspired Hairstyles for Life With (or Without) that Prince

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Hairstyles fit for a modern-day princess.

Princess, schmincess. Every modern girl knows that she doesn’t need a prince to sweep her off her feet, especially since there just happens to be so many frogs out there. But we digress: The one thing we do dig about the whole princess thing is its huge resurgence during Fashion Month, where we started seeing updated romantic looks that are ethereal and even a little bit edgy. These updated princess-inspired hairstyles include new variations on a classic feminine style, complete with wispy pieces, elevated updos, and yeah, sparkly crowns… if you’re into that sort of thing! Lo and behold, check out these seven modern princess-inspired hairstyles fit for a royal highness (a.k.a. you!).

Princess-Inspired Hairstyles for the Modern Gal

princess-inspired hairstyles pulled back hairstyles
It’s all about those wispy pieces. Photo credit:
princess-inspired hairstyles pulled back hairstyles
A look fit for a queen. Photo credit:
princess-inspired hairstyles wispy crown
Crown optional. Photo credit:

1. Pulled-Back and Wispy

A classic, princess-like hairstyle, this updo is all about a romantic middle part that’s accentuated with carefully displaced wisps of hair. Check out our tutorial for how to create a twisted bun updo, and then gently pull pieces from the front of your hair, creating that come-hither look.

princess inspired hairstyles with waves
Let down your hair! Photo credit:

2. Free-Flowing Waves

Going with your natural texture is so in right now, so rock your mane proudly and embrace your wavy hair texture. For some help with definition, apply some TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Mousse to give your waves some body and control.

princess inspired hairstyles with accessories
Big, bold accessories are the perfect combo for long hair. Photo credit:

3. Big Accessories

Bold accessories were a thing on the runways that weren’t just about pulling your hair back from your face (although that functionality was pretty sweet). This regal look can also help accentuate your princess vibes, which can be in dire need of some love on day two (or three) of that salon blowout. Whatever the case, be sure to find an accessory that taps into your personality and savvy fashion sense.

princess inspired hairstyles pulled back
Away from your face and ready for the ball… er, brunch. Photo credit:

4. Pulled Back

If you’re a gal-about-town doing your thang, you may have no time for an intricate look. To evoke some princess vibes, pull back your hair into a tight or mid-level pony. This can also be translated into a slicked-back style, with a light application of TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel at the base of your hair that’s sure to set the tone for this power style.

princess-inspired hairstyles with a half-up look
Romantic, elegant and super feminine. Photo credit:

5. Baby Beehive, Waves and a Middle Part

There’s a whole lotta romance going on here! We’re loving this super-feminine hairstyle that features free-flowing waves, a defined middle part and a baby beehive. To achieve this look, start spraying Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist onto hair (this will help protect strands from the damaging effects of the heat), then work section by section to curl your hair. Once completed, create a middle part (fine-toothed combs rule!) and follow our half-up beehive tutorial to master the rest of the look.

princess-inspired hairstyles funky updo
A displaced updo looks surprisingly chic. Photo credit:

6.  Messy Updo

And sometimes only having your hair up will do, and what’s better that creating your own version like this messy updo? Essentially a combination of messy (or carefully placed, depending on your perspective) mini space buns, this look is all about showing off a style that’s a combo of loose, wispy strands and a mishmash of twisted chignons. Works for us!

princess-inspired hairstyles on a bob
Short-haired girls can be princesses too! Photo credit:

6. Bob

Modern update: Short-haired girls can rock the princess look. We know that not everyone wants long hair and this bob + bangs combo shows that the princess look can be both edgy and feminine. After you rough-dry your hair, apply some serum to smooth out your hair and don some various royal accessories, as you wish.

princess-inspired hairstyles side swept
Take it to the side. Photo credit:

7. Side Bangs

Another one of those modern day princess-inspired hairstyles that we are loving is the dramatic side part. This hairstyle is ideal if you’re growing out your bangs and wish to swoop that mid-length hair to your preferred side. For some added drama, opt for the part where you normally don’t wear your hair; the renewed lift in your partline is like being a whole new you, without having to do much.

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Serena Norr
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10 March 2017