Flake-Free Hair Gel for Natural Hair: 3 Products We Swear By

No flaky situation here!

If you ask any girl with natural hair how many hair gels she has tested before she found the one, she’ll quickly tell you about all of the horror stories she had with the ones she hates. Amongst the many reasons why one would dislike a hair gel, one of the most common reasons is that the gel probably left a terrible flaky residue on the hair. Thankfully, there are many flake-free hair gel for natural hair products to choose from. We have some that we absolutely love and we’re sharing them with you.

Read on to discover our go-to budget-friendly flake-free hair gel for natural hair picks:

flake-free hair gel for natural hair: woman with curly twist out
No flakes, no worries!

Before we dive in to our list of flake-free hair gel products for natural hair, here’s something you should know when it comes to application: Too much of any product is never really good. Often-times flaky residue occurs when there’s way too many layers of hair product on your hair. Only apply what’s really needed for a given hairstyle.

1. TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel

After a flake-free wash and go style with killer definition? This gel by TRESemmé should be at the top of your list. Use this product to create any curly natural hair style you desire, it doesn’t have to be just wash and go styles. You can prep your hair with this gel for braid-outs and twist-outs too. What we love about this flake free hair gel for natural hair is that is also helps in the frizz department.

2. TRESemmé TRES TWO Mega Firm Hold Sculpting Gel

For styles like sleek buns, pineapple updos, or any style that requires a smooth base or a little sculpting action (think: swirled baby hairs), use this sculpting gel by TRESemmé. What you should love about this gel other than not having to worry about flakes is that it provides your hair with a long-lasting shine. Many naturals can attest to the fact that their hair may sometimes lack shine as a result of natural hair being naturally dry. Use this gel to help you create the shiny, and controlled hairstyle you love.

3. Bed Head by TIGI BEACH ME Wave Defining Gel Mist

Don’t let the name of this gel fool you, this is ideal for wavy and curly hair types alike. This is a formula that you can go to town with the application as the formula provides a buildable hold. So, if you have thicker hair and need to apply more for more curl control, add as much as you need. Since this mist keeps hair from drying out and gives your curls humidity protection for up to 24 hours, it is ideal for hot and hazy days or just days when the humidity levels are at an all-time high.