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The First World Afro Day Awards Celebrates Afro Excellence

"Celebrating Afro excellence in all areas of society; encouraging normalisation and aspiration towards Afro hair, culture, and identity."

Celebrated worldwide and coveted across the globe, World Afro Day is a day dedicated to the celebration and education of Afro hair, culture and identity. Aiming to raise awareness and create normalization relating to Afro hair and to educate and teach about Afro hair and society, World Afro Day is beneficial for both children and adults of all backgrounds. World Afro Day seeks to change the reality that Afro hair is rarely celebrated while other hair types are epitomized and praised. Through annual events, like the first World Afro Day Awards, the goal is to raise awareness and unite people globally. Read on:

Celebrating World Afro Day

world afro day seating
World Afro Day Awards 2018. Photo credit: Imeru Flash Photography.

The first World Afro Day Awards were held on Saturday, September 15th in London and featured a judge who hosted the evening for a night spent celebrating Afro excellence, including Afro hair, culture and identity.

A well-rounded panel of judges included experts in the beauty, television, advertising, fashion and academic industries who are deeply invested in the representation of people of African descent in these spaces. Awards ranged from International Icon of the Year to The Social Impact Award and the winners were announced at the awards show on September 15th.

world afro day sign
The global awards celebrating Afro success. Photo credit: Imeru Flash Photography

If you’re looking to get involved in the movement and spread the message that Afro hair is both valuable and beautiful, head over to World Afro Day to download free World Afro Day lessons to learn from and share with others.

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