Talking Weaves and Extensions with Riqua Hailes of Just Weaves

Weaves have come a long way!

Weaves and extensions have come a long way. What once included only limited options is now available in more natural-looking (and feeling) pieces of hair. To better understand how weaves and extensions have changed, we chatted with Riqua Hailes, founder of the new weave bar in Los Angeles, Just Weaves. A response from being frustrated with the unregulated business of hair extensions, Hailes decided to learn more about extensions where she spent six weeks traveling through China, Cambodia, India, Brazil, and Peru to learn more about how hair extensions are sourced and processed. Her incredible journey was later chronicled in her self-directed and produced documentary Just Extensions: The Documentary, which received rave reviews within the beauty industry and at film festivals for bringing to light issues that had long been unaddressed and for uncovering the truth behind the manufacturing of hair extension.

Talking Weaves and Extensions with Riqua Hailes of Just Weaves
Grand opening of Just Weaves in California.

Now, Hailes has just opened Just Weaves, the sister salon to LA’s first hair extensions bar Just Extensions. Through the success of Just Extensions, Hailes realized the gap in services for an underserved clientele and set out to create a specialized salon for clients who solely request hair weave applications. Hailes’s innovation and creativity led her to Inglewood, CA. The thriving, remerging city is the perfect location to launch a dedicated concept salon and provides an opportunity to expand services. Capitalizing on the niche market of hair and weaving,Hailes has created a brick and mortar style franchise which not only allows to her to grow her brand, but puts other women in a position to become business owners. Read on to learn more about Riqua Hailes and her exciting new venture.

Talking Weaves and Extensions with Riqua Hailes of Just Weaves
Fun Grand Opening of Just Weaves.

On Weaves and Extensions: 5 Minutes with Riqua Hailes of Just Weaves

On Weaves and Extentions: 5 Minutes with Riqua Hailes of Just Weaves

All Things Hair: How did the idea of Just Weaves come about?

Riqua Hailes: I started in beauty business with a hair weaving salon in 2011 on the East Coast that was very successful. I decided to expand on the concept and open Just Extensions on the West Coast and offered a variety of applications. With the success of JE and the demand of hair weaving services expanding the brand dedicated solely to weaving installs was naturally the next step. Inglewood was the ideal local to open and that’s how Just Weaves was born.

All Things Hair: What are some of the common issues women have to deal with when getting hair extensions?

Riqua Hailes: One common issue that women have is maintaining their natural hair in between extension application. It’s important that women properly condition and trim their natural hair to ensure healthy hair.

All Things Hair: Describe how the Just Weaves, Just Extensions process will be different.

Riqua Hailes: Just Weaves offers two Hair weaving applications the braided sew-in and the beaded sew-in. Just Extensions offers 6 Hair Extensions applications micro links, keratin tip, skin weft, tape weft and the two weaving applications mentioned above.

All Things Hair: Describe the hair extension process for our readers?

Riqua Hailes: The hair extensions process varies based on the application. Typically all applications require hair and at least 2 hours to install.

All Things Hair: How has the hair extension, weave industry changed since you started?

Riqua Hailes: The hair extensions industry is an emerging industry, there are now more options when it comes to style and versatility and new applications will continue to develop.

All Things Hair: What are your goals for our hair for your clients?

Riqua Hailes: My goal is that every client who wears Just Hair enjoys the low maintenance and high quality the brand delivers. Clients can rest assured that Just Hair is 100% Indian Human Hair sourced from temples in India.

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