Tutorial: How to Create a Cool Half-Up Top Knot

Master the top-knot hair and down combination in no time.

Half-Up Top Knot final look



Top knots and hair buns will always be a part of almost every girl’s list of go-to hairstyles. These days, the half-up top knot is one the most coveted looks, and we can totally see why! Whether it’s worn messy or neat, this hairstyle is fashionable, easy and pretty quick to create. Last but certainly not least, this hairstyle is a favorite amongst the celebrity set. Celebs are wearing this look out and about and even taking it to the red carpet. So, it’s safe to say that this is a half-up top knot that you can wear to a formal occasion as well.

In general, styling your hair into any updo is a great way to show off your facial features—whether it be your face shape or your gorgeous eyes. Want to try this easy look on your hair? Read on to learn how to create one of our favorite updo hairstyles in no time.

Get the Look: Half-Up Top Knot

Step 1: Refresh your hair.

If you’re working with second or third-day hair, refresh your hair by using some dry shampoo like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo. This formula works to help you to soak up excess oil from your hair.

Step 2: Work product in and detangle.

Brush through hair with a boar bristle brush to spread dry shampoo throughout your strands and to detangle before creating your half-up top knot updo.

Step 3: Create topknot section.

Section off the middle of your hair by creating straight parts right behind each side of your temple. Use some serum like Suave Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum to smooth out any frizz.

half-up top knot create ponytail
A good top-knot starts out as a simple ponytail. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography


loop the half-up top knot to create a bun
Create a loop as you create your top knot. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

Step 4: Create your bun.

Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Wrap the ends around into a loose bun. If you want, you can do something a little more trendy. Braid hair ends into a regular stitch or a trendy fishtail braid. After securing the ends, spread the braid apart to create a fuller effect then wrap hair ends around into a bun. Secure your bun with some bobby pins to keep it all in place.

secure the half-up top knot in place with pins
Secure your top knot in place with some pins. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

Step 5: Finish the look.

Use a finishing mist like Nexxus New York Salon Care Frizz Defy Finishing Mist to set your top knot bun in place.

half-up top knot with bun final look
Final top knot look. You’re ready to go! Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

Want to try more hairstyles like this half-up topknot? Check out this braided bun tutorial. 

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