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How to Take Care of Your Summer Highlights

Easy hair tips ahead.

We get it: Summertime comes around and you get the itch to go lighter with your hair. Who doesn’t want the sun to kiss their freshly done summer highlights? While the sun may help put your new hair color on the spotlight, it can also be really damaging so you might want to proceed with caution.

Below, we’re giving you some tips on how you can keep your summer highlights damage free during the summer season.

4 Tips for Preserving Your Summer Highlights

summer highlights: woman with highlights wearing straw hat
Protect your highlights with a stylish hat.

1. Wear a hat.

Ladies, your sun hat does more than protect your skin from the sun. Use a stylish wide brim hat to also minimize the amount of sun exposure on your color treated hair.

2. Don’t skip on hair trims.

Summer is all about having fun and exploring the great outdoors, most of us tend to put our priorities to the side. Don’t let skipping a hair trim be one of them. While everyone needs to make sure their ends are in tip-top shape, with color treated hair, your ends are more prone to damage and tangles. Keep it fresh and healthy-looking with a hair trim. If you want to take matters into your own hands, learn how to dust your ends at home. To maintain healthy ends, use Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Frizz Defy Cream Serum after washing your hair.

3. Get a treatment.

During the summer, keep your hair and your highlights moisturized by using a hair treatment that helps in the moisture department. Use Suave Hydrating Coconut Conditioning Mask to condition and enhance the color vibrancy of your highlights.

4. Use stylers that contain UV protection.

While we are advocates of protecting your hair from the sun all year round, the summer time is the prime time to invest in hair products that helps protect your hair from harmful sun rays. For styling your hair in your favorite summer hairstyles like beach waves, use TRESemmé One Step Volume 5-in-1 Volumizing Mist for a long-lasting beachy texture and sun protection.

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