3 Easy Ways to Change Up Your Summer Beauty Routine

3 easy changes you can make to upgrade your summer beauty routine.

Along with all of the undeniably fun perks that come with the summertime, there are unfortunately just as many challenges in the beauty department. When we don’t protect ourselves, the sun, ocean and chlorine-filled pools can often wreak havoc on our skin and hair and all that time spent out in the sunshine can feel less therapeutic and more damaging. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of which products you’re using. You’ll want to make sure to change up your summer beauty routine to ensure that your summer beauty habits are serving you instead of leaving you to fight the good fight with the elements. Here are three easy ways to change up your summer beauty routine so you can cover all your bases and keep yourself protected this season:

summer beauty brushing natural hair
Keep your hair happy and healthy this summer.

1. Put your scalp health first.

Whether you’re still a student and summertime means a break from your usual routine or you’re working full-time and only have summer Fridays and a week of vacation to unwind, try and find some time to relax this season. And while you’re getting some TLC, make sure to include your scalp health in the action. While it doesn’t sound like the sexiest goal to have on your agenda for the summer, scalp health cannot be underestimated and the summer is a great time to work on it. We suggest using Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Conditioner to give your scalp and strands a refresh so you can hit September with a clean slate.


2. Include your skin in the action.

As any skin and beauty expert will tell you, wearing SPF on your skin is important year round – even on the cloudiest days. But during the summer the thought of putting on a layer of sunscreen followed by foundation probably sounds way too heavy in the heat. We’re with you. You won’t be surprised to hear us suggest that as soon as the weather starts to warm up, swap out your sunscreen and foundation combos for a trusted tinted moisturizer. (Make sure to check the label for a variation that includes SPF.) Add a bronze glow by using a light, matte bronzer as your setting powder instead of your usual wintry skin-colored option.

3. Protect your strands.

Fight against humidity, frizz tangles and high heat all at the same time. Grab a bottle of Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray and spritz some of this magic on your hair before using hot tools or before going on out in the sun. By keeping your hair hydrated and prepped for the sun, you’ll ensure your hair stays moisturized and soft all summer long.