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Stunning Mahogany Lowlights, TIGI-Style

Make your blonde hair dreams a slow reality .

Transitioning from dark to light hair is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way is to start slowly, adding hints of a lighter color such as mahogany lowlights.

In addition to a new color, my hair needed serious help since I’m a self-proclaimed colorist. I’m one of those people who can’t get enough of store-bought hair dye.

Confession: I often dye my super annoying baby grays, while not always buying the same color to do so. I thought I was unique, but I learned that that was very common, according to Brian Adelman, Technical Educator & Model Coordinator at the TIGI Academy in SoHo.

He introduced me to the term “corrective color technique,” which, aside from erasing previous color mistakes, also cleans up the canvas for the introduction of lowlights. An even tone at the root is necessary to create the beautiful gradation from dark to light colors.

Continue reading to learn all about my experience with the professional colorist and the best way to style lowlights:

Mahogany Lowlights: Lighter Hair One Visit at a Time

mahogany lowlights
Photo credit: Brian Adelman/ Instagram 

Not your average colorist

After my conversation with Adelman, one thing came across clearly: He’s not selling the latest color trends to his clients. He cares more about a long-term transformation and finding the best look possible.

White hair, purple, unicorn hair… Yes, he’ll do that for you, if you want to, but he’s not pushing it. He’ll closely analyze your hair texture and condition before giving you what you want. First off in the process? Giving you a dye test to make sure you’re not allergic to the ink.

His priority: Protect the integrity of the hair and never sacrifice its health for a look or a trend. Reaching color perfection, it’s a slow process—a commitment to achieve the best hair color possible, while preserving a healthy condition.

He explained that celebs spend years perfecting their hair color until it’s almost impossible to remember their natural base. A good thing to note is that it’s nearly impossible to reach that goal in one sitting.

Instant gratification is not the best approach when it comes to your dream hair color.

mahogany lowlights milena prinzi
Here’s the finished look, and I’m loving it!

Why mahogany lowlights?

Since I wanted to go lighter slowly, Brian suggested mahogany, because it’s a color that goes well with my existing dark brown base. He also suggested applying lowlights to the first layer of my hair to frame my face.

According to the expert, the overall effect is more dramatic due to the fact that the color was concentrated and not all over the place. Another perk? This color gets lighter with sun exposure, perfect for the summer season.

The best thing about mahogany lowlights is that they age well and get even better with time. With each visit, the colorist can add more lightened areas to eventually cover most of your hair.

Style perfect mahogany lowlights

If you’re like me—and a styled hair means straight hair—then you need Bed Head by TIGI Straighten Out Straightening Cream in your life.

This cream works wonders due to its many functions. First off, it’s a heat protector thanks to its thermosetting polymers. It protects the hair and keeps it straight for 48 hours.

It also contains conditioning glycerin, which reaches the hair fiber and keeps your strands moisturized and glossy. This magical cream also controls frizz and performs well even in 98 percent humidity. Thanks to this product, I’m able to blow-dry my hair straight and show off your gorgeous lowlights with a salon finish.

Would you like to try these lowlights?

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